Bevontule, an upcoming tactical turn-based RPG and Ohio-based developer Multithreaded Games’s debut title, has passed 30% funding for its Kickstarter campaign.

With this milestone comes the unveiling of the first two stretch goals, set to be added at USD$52,500 and $55,000 respectively. The first is an extra mini-boss found in Sallasat, the game’s final dungeon. That level takes place in the ruins of a once-great nation, from which the dungeon takes its name. The additional enemy is planned to be the strongest mini-boss in the game and is based off the concept art above.

If the second goal is reached, three additional tracks will be added to the game’s OST. These extra songs have been teased as an alternate battle theme, an alternate boss theme, and a third track that is being kept secret for now.

Along with this announcement, the developers also provided a short video showcasing the graphical improvement of Bevontule over the last year. The 15-second video demonstrates the changes by contrasting the current visuals against those of a build recorded last year.

At present, a total of eight stretch goals are planned for Bevontule, and Multithreaded Games intends to disclose them as funding approaches completion. The campaign is set to end on March 1 and, as of writing, is approximately $35,000 short of its modest $50,000 goal. Bevontule is currently slated for launch in Q2 2019.

For more information on Bevontule and its development, check out the Kickstarter campaign, along with OnlySP’s glimpse into the world of Onich. For everything else single-player, be sure to follow OnlySP on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

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