Originally planned to be released with the Xbox One at launch, the ability to stream directly from your console to Twitch is finally coming to the Xbox One in just a few weeks time.

Streaming is becoming a massive part of the games today and gamers want the ability to stream directly from their console without the hassle of purchasing video capture hardware and a computer capable of streaming. The Playstation 4 received its streaming ability at launch and finally the Xbox One owners will be able to join them.

The Twitch app was originally planned to release with the console at launch but was delayed “to ensure that the Twitch broadcasting experience meets all of your expectations”.

Twitch streaming from the Xbox One system will be launching on March 11th for Xbox Live Gold members and will allow easy picture in picture streaming (your face and the game) thanks to the Kinect, which will also work as the live microphone for the stream and all you have to do is say “Xbox, Broadcast” and the console will do the rest.

You’ll also be able to set up Twitch to send notifications directly to your Xbox One console to let you know when your favourite streamers start streaming and have the ability to join their Xbox Live party.

What do you think of streaming finally being available on all the next generation consoles? Could it potentially over saturate the market, making it difficult to find decent streams or will it bring more entertainment to the table? Let us know in the comments.

Leigh Groocock
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