Twisted Pixel Games is notorious for releasing quality titles for the XBLA. They also developed one of the few highly rated Kinect games in The Gunstringer. Today it was revealed that their four previously published XBLA titles would be released as a bundle, appropriately titled the ‘Twisted Bundle.’

The bundle is composed of four well received games, including The Maw, ‘Splosion Man, Comic Jumper: The Great Adventures of Captain Smiley, and Ms. ‘Splosion Man. An official release date wasn’t clarified, just that it was coming “soon.” We can probably expect the bundle to release sometime during Microsoft’s annual Summer of Arcade.


Jeff Scott
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  1. No word on pricing? Strange. I may be interested in picking this up though, since for some reason I missed out on all of these supposed gems.

    1. I’ve only played Comic Jumper, had some serious laugh out loud moments. Gameplay was tough but fun. I’m definitely interested in this bundle as well. I haven’t played the other three

    2. Yeah, I haven’t played them either. No pricing yet. I would assume as that it’ll be announced with whatever Summer of Arcade promotion they run this year. When do they typically announce that, E3?

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