Twin Souls: The Path of Shadows from Spanish developer Lince Works had an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign during the early Summer of 2014. Despite not meeting their goal, the team promised to continue their work on the project. They even did a post mortem of the failed crowdfunding bid, going over the issues that they saw during their attempt.

It looks like they’ve kept their promise, releasing a Twin Souls: The Path of Shadows E3 2015 trailer which is punctuated by a final screen pointing towards a Spring 2016 release window. Despite seemingly nailing down a launch date, the developer answered a Youtube commentor’s question on a return to Kickstarter with this, “It’s a possibility, but our main focus is to continue development of the game, and for a small team a kickstarter campaign takes a lot of time to prepare and manage.”

For a more comprehensive look at Twin Souls, check out the in-depth interview piece from our own James Billcliffe. Hopefully they can meet their launch projection and we can all get a taste of this interesting looking title which seems to blend the ideals of old-school Tenchu games, with the powers and stylistic leanings of say Dishonored and the updated Shadow Warrior.

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