Independent Italian game developer 34BigThings has announced its first foray into turn-based tactical games: Goblin Squad.

Earlier this week, the team, already known as one of the biggest independent game developer studios,  revealed Goblin Squad. A turn-based title developed by fellow Italian studio Event Horizon Studios, and the first to be published for 34BigThings, Goblin Squad sets players as the leader of a small commando of goblins who want to seize power and wrest control from the equally-power-hungry humans. The powergrabbing quest for gold, loot, and glory is set to begin for players on the PC via Steam on May 10.

Valeria Di Donato, CEO of 34bigthings, stated that he believes the company’s past titles provided the team with a good foundation on which to build an effective and fun experience for players using a turn-based system.

In an interesting tidbit, the press release also mentioned Goblin Squad‘s game designer, Gabriele Gallo, who added that the game’s original design drew inspiration from chess and XCOM. Gallo went on to say that the scope was resized to fit the capabilities of the team, and that it is quite happy with the final product that is Goblin Squad.

Take a look at the trailer on the game’s Steam page via the link above, then let us know what you think about Goblin Squad in the comments.

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