Trials Gold

The Trials games, both the original as well as the recent Evolution, are thoroughly enjoyable if occasionally frustrating, endeavors. Finally, PC gamers will soon get to experience what Xbox 360 owners have been playing for the last two releases; extremely fun stunt-based gameplay that is just as likely to make you leap for joy as it is to destroy a controller.

Available on March 21st via retail and downloadable services, RedLynx’s Trials Evolution: Gold Edition contains every feature that the Xbox Live version sported while also including all of the levels from the original Trials HD, which have been recreated and will be playable through Evolution‘s game engine. The level editor is back as well, and promises to be just as in-depth as the one found on Xbox 360.

A trailer for the Gold Edition also dropped today (courtesy of Joystiq), which can be seen below. Happy crashing!

Jeff Scott
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