Supergiant Games has revealed that their upcoming title Transistor will be released on May 20th on both the Playstation 4 and the PC. Preorders for the game are also currently live on the Playstation Network store and on Steam.

 Transistor features lots and lots of hand-painted 2D artwork, and thanks to PlayStation 4′s raw power, you’ll get to experience it just as we intended in full HD 1080p resolution. That’s a first for us on console.

Some months ago I also told you a little about how we’re using DualShock 4′s light bar in sync with the voiceover in the game. At the end I hinted we were also looking into using the controller’s built-in speaker. Turns out it works great, so we’re pleased to offer a Controller Speaker option for a more personal feel. With the light bar and controller speaker working in unison, DualShock 4 becomes a direct analog for Red’s mysterious, talkative weapon. We think this is a unique way of playing through the game, and we hope players will enjoy it.

Lastly (for now), let’s talk about Trophies. Transistor has more than 30 Trophies, including a Platinum Trophy if you manage to unlock all the others. Our philosophy around Trophy design is we want players to discover the breadth, depth, and content of the game, and feel rewarded for it. Some of our Trophies concern hidden aspects of the game that we’ve purposely said nothing about, so we encourage you to discover these for yourself as you play! Though if you want look them all up and aren’t worried about spoiling bits of it for yourself, that’s cool too.”

Don’t have a Playstation 4? That’s alright! Check out the minimum specs for the PC version below, and as always stay tuned to OnlySP as we bring you all of the latest single player focused news as it happens.

PC Minimum System Requirements
OS: Windows 7 or newer
CPU: 2.6GHz Dual Core CPU or greater
RAM: 4GB or greater
GPU: 1GB Video RAM or greater, e.g. Intel HD Graphics 3000, Nvidia 9400 GT, AMD HD 5450
Hard Drive Space: 4GB free


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  1. Really looking forward to this. Just hope that not using the DS4 speaker won’t have a negative impact on the game like it does in Stick it to the Man. After 5 minutes of Resogun I had to disable it, the audio out of it sounds horrible.

    1. Heh, just bought my PS4 today, played Resogun and thought the same thing.

      1. Glad it’s not just me, it’s pretty useful in Resogun as it highlights certain in game events, such as non Keeper related humans coming into play but man is it awful sounding, perma muted on my DS4!

  2. wolfenstein, nuff said.

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