Transistor, the next game from the independent developer behind Bastion, Supergiant Games, has been given a release date this week at PAX East.

The game will release on May 20 worldwide for PS4, PC and Mac, just over a year since it’s March 19, 2013 reveal and will be $19.99 in the US.

Transistor is a turn-based strategy game focussed on Red, a girl who has come into possession of the mysterious Transistor – a powerful, and intelligent sword. The game features both real time movement mixed with a “planning” mode – which Red can enter one her action bar is filled. Planning mode is used by the player to map out a series of movements and actions to take – each of which depletes the action bar – and then execute them with super-speed. Red must dodge enemies until her action meter is able to refill.

For more information on the game, check out our exclusive interview with Supergiant Games. We’ll keep OnlySP updated with any more information on Transistor as it becomes available, so check back regularly and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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