Bastion is one of those rare titles that seems to wow everyone who gets the pleasure of experiencing it. It released in July 2011 on XBLA and went on to clean up during award season. It sits at a prestigious 94 on Metacritic which is incredible in its own right. It further cemented the fact that just because a title is indie developed and downloadable, that it can’t also be a blockbuster. Supergiant Games was the proud studio behind Bastion, and today, the veil has come off of their new title – Transistor.

“Everybody has a voice in Cloudbank. Now the city’s most influential voices are vanishing one by one…” The intrigue sets in early in the trailer, and then we are introduced to what appears to be our protagonist, Red.

This microphone rocking, motorcycle riding, giant-sword swinging, red-headed woman looks to be our main character in Transistor. As she sings beautifully over the trailer you can’t help but be immediately transfixed. The trailer ends stating “2014” so we have a bit of a wait ahead of us.

Here is Supergiant Games’ official comment on the game:

“In Transistor, players assume the role of a young woman who gains control of a powerful weapon after a mysterious group of assailants nearly kills her with it. Now she must fight from street to street against forces that will stop at nothing to recover the weapon. During the course of the adventure, players will piece together the Transistor’s mysteries as they pursue its former owners.

We expect Transistor to be released in early 2014. We have not yet decided on which platform or platforms the game will be available for.”

It appears the sword Red is wielding is the name-sake of the game. Transistor is going to be available to play at PAX East next week. Hopefully we’ll get additional details as they become available. Until then, check out the gorgeous screenshots that were also released below.




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