There’s been a lot of trademark filings in the past few days, potentially hinting at future games that could be announced as early as this year’s E3. First off, EA trademarked “Unravel” classified under video game software. There are no other details so its almost impossible to guess as to what this could be based on the name alone, but best guess at the moment would be some type of new IP.

Square Enix is next as the publisher trademarked “Puzzle Soccer” and “World of Assassination”. The former honestly sounds like a smaller mobile game as opposed to a full fledged console title. “World of Assassination” on the other hand has some speculation behind it as the next game in the Hitman series. The last title, Hitman: Absolution, came out in 2012 and since then Square Enix has only had a mobile spin-off in Hitman Go so a new console game in the series is within the realm of possibilities.

The last trademark isn’t as shrouded in mystery, but its one that gamers are likely tired of hearing. Sony has filed its third trademark for “The Last Guardian” which was revealed in 2009 but still has no release date in sight. Their current trademark still has a few months remaining, so this filing is probably just a precaution so that they don’t lose it, but hopefully it means that Sony does intend to release the game at some point and has not completely given up on it as plenty of people are still holding out hope for its eventual release.

We may hear more about these potential games at E3 this year so be sure to follow our Facebook and Twitter pages to stay up to date.

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