2D pixel puzzle/combat platformer Tower of Samsara has started their Kickstarter campaign to help fund development.

The description on Kickstarter offers up a bounty of gifs and images that, well, I feel guilty hiding behind even a paragraph of text (although due to formatting reasons the images rest at the bottom). They seem to each tell of different realms’ environments, while also offering impressive lighting and unusual yet clear animations. My only complaint is the seemingly stiff animation style of your character.

Tower of Samsara tasks you to adventure along a journey of ascension along six realms. Each of these realms represent a growing amount of karma, and appear in the form of a tower you must climb up. You are a shadow spirit on Pluto who is compelled partially by curiosity to climb the Tower of Samsara so you may break the Samsara that lies at the top of it. Fortunately, you will not make the journey alone as the deities Jupiter, Saturn and Venus will watch over you to grant spiritual help as needed.

“But what is even the Samsara” you may ask. Well, to quote the Kickstarter page: “Saṃsāra is the repeating cycle of birth, life, death, and reincarnation. During the course of each life, the quality of the actions (karma) performed determine the future of each person. There is no beginning to this cycle but that it can be ended through perceiving reality which is nirvana (liberation).”

The intricate lore, such as above, seeks to present a mix of various philosophies including Greek & Roman mythologies, Buddhism and Stoicism. All seem to be used to help describe a tale involving reincarnation, karma and the creatures or deities who watch over this process.

The goal amount is 42,000, with stretch goals of €60,000 (PS4 + Vita port), €80,000 (for Nintendo NX port, although if it doesn’t work out it’ll come to another Nintendo platform) and €100,000 to have an extra animator help speed up development time and add detail. It has 28 days to go and is currently resting at just over €4,000.  While the first tier to offer the game is €10, currently there are still Early Bird editions for €8, either way looking to be a cheap little game.  Although if the pixel art scratches the itch, you can spend enough to get a Tarot card pack (either a PDF at €35 or physical form at €95) to play the card game Love Letter with.

So, good luck Martelo Nero with your first title!

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