Good news for all those fans of Total War and the Warhammer universe: Creative Assembly will be adding free DLC to Total War: Warhammer this summer before the sequel’s release.

In the official Total War blog, Mike Whelan revealed that the New Content Team at Creative Assembly is working on at least two new additions to Total War: Warhammer, both of which will be released before the release of Total War: Warhammer II.

The first addition will be similar to the size of the Blood Knight free-LC given to players in TW: Warhammer’s first update. This first addition will be given as part of an unspecified event later this summer. Secondly, Whelan announced that the team will be adding a new playable race to TW: Warhammer. Whelan did not reveal the new race’s identity, but did specify that “it’s not Kislev (sorry!), but the New Content team have got some rather unique gameplay mechanics for this new Race, and it will come with a small update to the main game and a free-LC drop.” The new race’s free-LC will benefit both the main game and owners of DLC.

Moreover, Whelan reiterated that Creative Assembly will be featuring Total War: Warhammer II at E3, and a demo of the game will be available during the expo at the company’s “Lizardmen-inspired temple stand in the West Hall, stand 4300.” He also confirmed that the game’s progress over the last few months has been astounding, and full playthroughs are currently possible. The team behind the sequel is now able to focus on making each playable race unique.

As for a new historical Total War, a campaign DLC pack for a more recent historical release (Total War: Attila, Total War: Rome II, or Total War: Shogun II) is currently in production, with concept art being the most recent step. Furthermore, the next major, standalone release for a historical Total War is undergoing development, with the team working on UI features, character relations, the campaign map, and the game’s unique environment in a setting Creative Assembly has yet to cover.

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Dylan Warman

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