Creative Assembly has finally given us a release date for Total War: Warhammer: April 28th, 2016.

This means the game is now available for pre-order on Steam as well as through most retailers. We now have various details including the pre-order bonus, the Limited Edition, and the extremely limited High King Edition.

First up, pre-ordering any version of the game will also get you the first DLC bundle, the Chaos Warriors Race Pack, for free. The Warriors of Chaos will give you access to several narrative-driven quest chains, all manor of corrupted creatures and weapons, three Legendary Lords including… Wait, is that Sigvald the Magnificent? Is Slaanesh getting some love?!

If you’re itching for more, you can order the Limited Edition, which will get you protective metal case for the game as well as a printed strategy guide. If that’s not enough, you can also go for the High King Edition, which will give you all of that PLUS:

  • Dwarven Bling, including a “Grudge Ring” that spins and functions as a six-sided die, a “Slayer’s Whetstone Pendant” and a Dwarven drinking horn and stand.
  • A beautifully-illustrated canvas map of the Warhammer world.
  • An exclusive concept art book.

All of this is packaged in an impressive box modeled after the Dwarven Book of Grudges… Because by the time you’re through with this game, you’ll have made a lot of them. You’ll have to reel this in quickly though, as the High King Edition will only be produced in a single, extremely limited run.

Check out some of the High King Edition loot as well as the cinematic trailer for the Chaos Warriors Race Pack below.



Andrea Giargiari
Feature Writer, Bachelor of Arts in Communications (Media and Culture) via UMass Amherst

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