The developers behind the Total War franchise have revealed the long-awaited next historical entry in the series to be Total War: Three Kingdoms.

Based on historical events in 190CE China, TW: Three Kingdoms centers its story around the crumbling Han Dynasty and the division of China between the states of Wei, Shu, and Wu. The Han child-emperor serves as a puppet ruler for ruthless warlord Dong Zhuo, a tyrant who crushes the people of China beneath his remorseless rule. Three heroes rise from the depths of anarchy to challenge Dong Zhuo, rallying support from the warlords of China’s great families. Rebelling against a tyrannical regime, these heroes will either triumph in the face of oppression, or fall prey to their own personal ambitions, shattering the tentative alliances they have formed.

Developed by Creative Assembly and published by Sega, Total War: Three Kingdoms is scheduled for an as-of-yet undetermined release date in the fall of 2018. Interested gamers can add the title to their Steam wishlist here. Additionally, those gamers who find themselves drawn to the setting may also be interested in developer Koei Techmo’s Dynasty Warriors 9, set in the same time period and scheduled for a Western release sometime in 2018.

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Jennifer Anderson
Also known as Twist, Jennifer is a gamer, author, and digital artist who spent the early days of her childhood beating her stepfather's friends at Space Invaders and Pole Position on a beat-up Atari console, after which they would promptly complain to her mother. Now a competitive Diablo 3 player, she splits her time between writing, loving her dog Emmie, and putting her monk through nephalem rifts in a quest for the top spot on the seasonal leaderboards.

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