Thrones of Britannia

Creative Assembly has dropped a new trailer for A Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia, confirming the Welsh faction alongside a blog post confirming a new victory condition: Fame.

In a blog post released to accompany the trailer, which focuses on the new playable faction, Creative Assembly discussed the new victory condition, tailored for those players who prefer to focus on developing their faction internally over prolonged military conquest.

Fame points are a new mechanic included in Thrones of Britannia and allow for the player to build up towards a Fame victory by constructing civic buildings, researching various technological upgrades, and having a good faction leader. Unique building chains are available around the map, focused on locations of historical significance.

The Welsh faction is confirmed in the post to be tailored to this style of victory, with a faction-specific mechanic called “Heroism” and a unique set of building chains available in faction capitals. However, one can safely assume that any faction can use the Fame victory condition to win the game, just without these specific benefits.

Creative Assembly also teased an “ultimate victory condition” to be revealed soon, alongside more information on building and technology. For any news on Thrones of Britannia as it becomes available, make sure to follow OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter.

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