The Total War franchise will be returning to the world of antiquity at the end of this month with the release of Total War: Rome II – ‘Empire Divided’.

Set for release on November 30, and available for pre-order now, ‘Empire Divided’ plunges players into the Crisis of the Third Century, with new factions and features to freshen up the gameplay. These features include new “Hero Factions”, banditry and plagues, and new events and missions pertinent to the era of the expansion. Unit and building lists from the original Rome II have been updated, and the new expansion will allow players to choose from ten factions from five cultural groups.

The new “Hero Factions”, the five major factions with unique victory conditions, leaders and event-chains, include the Gothi and the Palmyra of Queen Zenobia, two factions that defined the history of the era. Each of the Hero Factions’ technology trees will serve as a kind of narrative to expand on the history of that faction and what it hoped to accomplish in this period.

Given that this expansion will be set 200 years after any of the other expansions for Total War: Rome II, this new DLC will expose players new and old to an era of history they might not have encountered before.

The November 30 launch of ‘Empire Divided’ will also be accompanied by the free Power & Politics patch update, which will overhaul Rome II’s political system.

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