Total War: Rise of Mordor, the overhaul Lord of the Rings mod for Total War: Attila, has entered open alpha.

The mod expands on Attila‘s relatively limited scope by providing a fully-fledged Middle-Earth campaign with hundreds of unique, completely reworked units and landscapes. The aesthetic changes of the mod are based heavily on the Lord of the Rings films, whilst the project’s narrative is more entrenched in the books.

Rise of Mordor will have 19 factions on release, ensuring massive amounts of variation and “replayability” for single-players.

The mod, which has been in development for roughly four years, has chosen a particularly risky time to release, especially with Total War: Three Kingdoms and A Total War Saga: Thrones of Brittania around the corner, so fans of the series should revisit Attila to support the great work of the development team.

Players can, hopefully, immerse themselves again in the undervalued world of Tolkien, especially considering the mixed reception of Middle-Earth: Shadow of War‘s contentious business practices.

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Ben Newman

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