Torchlight III

Echtra Inc., has announced that Torchlight Frontiers is now Torchlight III and will come to Steam.

The Torchlight III team announced the name change on the game’s Steam page with the aim of “making it the true successor to Torchlight I and II.”

Echtra also announced a major shift in direction of the course of the game in reference to its design. This shift has moved the game to Steam for PC distribution, which the team believes is a more traditional release for the game. The decision was made after reviewing feedback from alpha testers on Arc, internal teams, and from publisher Perfect World Entertainment. Echtra also mentioned that the move is intended to forge the game as a true sequel by helping the game to go back to the Torchlight roots.

The classic art structure from earlier titles in the series is now being brought to Torchlight III. For example, players begin the narrative at the Imperial Outpost, besieged by goblin hordes, “they then follow the trail of nether corruption into lands overtaken by Hyvid, and finally reach the Peaks and their cavernous underplaces.”

Echtra Inc. also stated that horizontal progression has been removed, which includes all Frontiers-specific levels, gear stats, and scaling. Torchlight III will return to the progression systems of previous titles. Furthermore, zones are set to private by default to boost play experience.

Torchlight III‘s narrative design is set in Novastraia where the Ember Empire is in decline from the events of Torchlight II. The kingdom is once again facing the threat of invasion from the Netherim and allies.

Fame and glory can also be sought alongside pets to tag-team enemies. The game showcases a variety of species in a myriad of colours and styles. Players can also boost loyal companions by adding skills and equipping gear to make them stronger.

Torchlight III will feature new playable hero classes: Dusk Mage, Forged, Railmaster, and more “coming soon.” Each class is equipped with unique skills and mechanics that boost survivability and damage output.

Torchlight III will be released on PC via Steam in 2020, and a console release is due to release “shortly after.”

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