There are two great months of single player games behind us, and we’ve got 10 more to go. 2016 is already shaping up to be another brilliant year for SP games, with March offering some exciting indie projects and a revival of a shiny-headed assassin. Before the arrival of some big hitters this month, let us indulge your hankerings for just a few minutes as we offer up five of the best games to look out for in the next 31 days.


(Release: March 30 on PC)

Epistory is unlike anything you have played or will play this year, or possibly ever. An atmospheric adventure game from the innovative minds over at Fishing Cactus that uses the Japanese paper-folding art-form of Origami as a major inspiration. Gameplay involves using the whole keyboard by literally spelling words in a variety of ways in order to complete puzzles and move your character. Are you intrigued enough yet? What if I told you that the protagonist is a girl riding a giant fox. Sold? Thought so.

The player assumes the role of a author with a serious case of writer’s block, and requires the assistance of his muse for inspirational help. Set inside the mind of the writer where the world actually unfolds in front of you (hence the Origami features) as you progress, with all actions including movement, navigating menus, puzzle solving and defeating enemies requiring solely the use of the keyboard. For more information about Epistory take a look at their official website. The game is currently available through Steam’s Early Access program before the full launch at the end of the month.

epistory map


(Release: March 4 on PC)

Into the Stars is a space exploration survival simulator set in a far-off galaxy where the fate of humanity rests in your hands. As the captain of a ship of 10,000 humans (who happen to be the last 10,000 humans in known existence) it is up to you to fend off hostile alien races in order to find a safe new home for your people.

Fugitive Games reached their funding goal through Kickstarter in just 11 days, and Into the Stars has been available through Early Access since July 2015. By boarding the Ark-13 as Captain you are offered 4 different classes consisting of Scientist, Military Officer, Entrepreneur or Survivalist. Each class obviously includes differing perks for you and your crew, with the Ark-13 ship also available for customisation to suit your play-style. Fugitive Games have cited games such as The Oregon Trail and FTL: Faster than Light as inspirations. You can check out a hands-on preview from OnlySP here.



(Release: March 22. Full game on Playstation 4. Episode 5 on PC, iOS and Android)

Republique has been around for a long time now, first appearing on Apple mobile devices back in 2013 with the first of five episodes. The game was ported to Android devices before making its way to PC in February 2015, with the first three episodes making their way to a much wider audience at this time. However, March is both when the final episode ‘Terminus’ is released and the whole game makes its way on to PlayStation 4, explaining the decision to include it in one of this month’s top games to play. With vast changes included in the console version, this action-adventure futuristic stealth game will resemble a whole new adventure come March 22.

With voice talents including David Hayter and Jennifer Hale, Republique revolves around the main character Hope attempting to escape the totalitarian country of Metamorphosis. The player can hack various electronics and cameras in order to keep dangerous eyes away from Hope as she makes her way through the facilities in Metamorphosis, where the developers Camouflaj claim that the relationship between Hope and the player is what brings forward the true heart of Republique. An overhaul of the cover system and a console friendly UI are promised for the PlayStation 4, with all five episodes bundled into one long-form experience. 



(Release: March 11 on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC)

Agent 47 is back in a new approach from IO Interactive, who will be releasing the latest iteration of Hitman episodically. Square Enix are obviously becoming fans of this model, with the first ‘episode’ titled Intro Pack and will take place in Paris. A beta for the game has already been released for players that pre-ordered Hitman and will serve as a prologue to the whole adventure, whereas this Intro Pack will include the prologue and story missions taking place after the events of Hitman: Absolution. Later episodes will include countries such as Thailand, Japan and the USA, and a disc-based version of the whole title will be made available towards the end of the year. For more information on the release schedule, take a look here.

As for the game itself, players once again step into the well-groomed shoes of the bald-headed and sharply-dressed Agent 47. Hitman will involve a lot more open-ended gameplay compared to Hitman: Absolution, making it more akin to Blood Money, but the freedom for creativity in assassinations remain as always. Players can use short-range, long-range, disguises, explosives, melee and many more methods to fulfill a contract in a world much broader now thanks to advances in technology. The levels on offer are much larger, with plenty of NPC’s going about their daily business and reacting to any suspicious behavior they may witness. This is certainly a popular month for stealth-based episodic titles, but Agent 47’s latest adventure is shaping up to be his best yet.


The Guest

(Release: March 10 on PC)

If you’re looking for something a bit darker and certainly a bit gloomier, look no further than The Guest this month. Having been in development for a good few years now with the release date having been pushed back from June 2015, we finally get our hands on this PC-exclusive later this month.

Not much is known about the game developed by the Spanish-based Team Gotham, other than the fact the player mysteriously starts off in a hotel room and that they must explore their surroundings to escape and track down the reason for their predicament. As a first-person exploration game, gameplay consists of searching the area, solving puzzles and discovering secrets, with Team Gotham purposely offering little in the way of story details to ensure a satisfying and rewarding experience for all. You can catch a trailer of The Guest here.


These are our picks of Single Player titles to enjoy this month, do you agree? Or do you have your eyes on something else? Let us know in the comments below and as always, keep on top of all the news and features you will need over on Twitter (@Official_OnlySP) and Facebook.

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