Project Witchcraft

Indie RPG Project Witchstone from Spearhead Games aims to change the way stories are told within the RPG genre.

In an interview with, co-founder and creative director Malik Boukhira provided some insight on what the studio has planned for the game.

The biggest goal for Project Witchstone is for every action to have consequences. Boukhira provided an example of the limits that exist within the RPG genre by using Skyrim as an example.

“You can walk into a village, kill everyone in sight, then proceed to the next village where there will be no consequences for your actions.”

The quest features reflect this. While there are some handcrafted quests the player will need to complete, the side missions that players can complete will vary based on the needs of the NPCs.

Boukhira stated that while there is not a set narrative for the game, the one players will experience is “built dynamically around whatever the player does.”

Boukhira also provided additional information on the game.

Project Witchstone is a top-down RPG set in an original fantasy world. While not an open-world, the developer plans to have “multiple locations that are both large and brimming with possibilities.”

Looking to tabletop RPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons for inspiration, Project Witchstone will have a ton of systems in place to provide players with as many different possibilities as possible.

This idea was shown in the gameplay demo at GDC 2019.

An unscripted event occurs where soldiers start to harass a villager. Boukhira assists the man and says that “the town knows I helped that guy, which his friend might like it, but his enemies might not.”

The dialogue system is perhaps the way players have the freedom to do whatever they desire.

Pre-written options are available, but there is also the possibility that players can give their own commands via menus with a bevy of verbs.

Project Witchstone has been announced for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One for Q2 2020.

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