The Top Five TV shows whihc would make great single player games

More and more we have seen television shows being adapted into video games – some bad, some really bad, and some actually okay. Often the transition from TV to video game leads to drastic changes to the original content, leaving much to be desired in the final product. However, there is the odd amazing TV show, with great worlds and characters, that would surely be fantastic video game, but it hasn’t quite happened yet. Here are our Top 5 TV shows which we think would make great single player games.

Archer – Puzzle

The Top Five TV shows whihc would make great single player games

Although it may seem like an odd choice, the TV show Archer already has everything going for it. Interesting yet quirky characters, great time period and style, varied and interesting stories filled with great action sequences. So, what’s the problem? Well, deciding what type of genre Archer would fit into as a game, is the important question. Until recently, it didn’t seem it could work, but Framed, a 2D comic style game from Australian Indie developer Love Shack, has opened up a new avenue of game design concepts.

When creating an Archer video game, it would be important to keep the art style and 2D nature of the show, while having lots of action sequences – otherwise, it just wouldn’t be Archer. Therefore, a comic strip movement, action puzzler with the classic Archer style and characterization added to the formula would fit the feel of the show well. Although looking to create something similar to the Telltale game model would be an easy first thought for the Archer series, a puzzler would fit the franchise more than a choice-focused game. Archer is a clever, often very intelligent show and the puzzle genre might work best for a video game adaptation. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to play as the cocky, smug Archer, solving puzzles and throwing jokes left right and center.

Firefly – Strategy Game/First Person Shooter/Third Person Action/Point and Click..

The Top Five TV shows whihc would make great single player games

When thinking of great TV shows that didn’t get enough time to shine, Firefly is one that seems to always pop up. A space western sci-fi drama, which in all honesty is not far away from the recently successful Guardians of the Galaxy in regards to style and genre. Maybe a show ahead of its time – but a great one regardless – a single player game set in the Firefly universe is something all fans of the show would appreciate. The chance to explore a dark, futuristic universe created by Joss Whedon is enough to get any nerd excited. With a focus on managing your ship and relationships with members of your crew and other external characters and factions, I’m sure it would entice Mass Effect fans and others alike.

The truth is though; the show could be almost any genre of video game. From a point and click, to a FPS, the rich universe and exceptional stories of Firefly means it could be adapted for almost any genre. But let’s not get our hopes up t-o much – if there was actually a single player game based on Firefly being made, it would probably just get cancelled by the publisher near the end of development.


Soul Eater – Hack & Slash

The Top Five TV shows whihc would make great single player games

Anime has come a long way in recent years to become a big part of western culture. Therefore, it felt appropriate to have one anime on this list, and what an anime it is! Soul Eater encapsulates the best parts of anime and Japanese culture and media. A strange, yet curious premise and story with kooky characters with strange pasts and some of the best action you’ll see around. The style and presentation along with the absorbing story would surely make a great single player experience.

Turning to the type of genre it would be though, there are two genres which often come to mind when thinking of an anime video game – fighting, or hack and slash. This may seem overdone in anime video games, but the recent Devil May Cry has shown you can take an old concept and reinvent it with style, class, and great gameplay. And Soul Eater fits this concept perfectly. Its action is fantastic to watch because of the style and theme of the show, along with some of the coolest weapons ever seen in an anime. Plus, making an offshoot of the main story line, as the anime did from the manga – which was great – would sure to be another success with the right writers behind it.

If you are new to anime, Soul Eater is a great place to start; it’s not too weird, and is intriguing enough to keep the most apprehensive viewer watching, and sure as hell would make a great single player game.

True Detective – Adventure

The Top Five TV shows whihc would make great single player games

When thinking of some of the best and most surprising TV shows of last year, True Detective is right up there as its unique characters and interesting plot points made for compelling television. Although the series is only just beginning, its potential as a single player game is huge. Sure, Sherlock Holmes seems to have this genre pinned down, but it’s the gritty nature, the off-putting characters, and the darkness of humanity shown in True Detective that makes it a stand out from the crowd of detective shows.

The show throws the characters into dark and scary territory. Not just from possible criminals, but themselves as well. A detective game in which you have to watch yourself, keep your own sanity while trying to solve an investigation could make for a compelling game. The game would not need to necessarily be based on the original story from season one, but with the same dark, down to earth theme and interesting locations (New Orleans please) would be a great start for creating a story.

With freedom to roam around areas and look for clues and solve crimes, while featuring dramatic quick times events and choices for the action would be the best fit for the game. Maybe even in an episodic formula would work for it as a game. If a developer could replicate the story of True Detective into a game, even just a little bit, I’m sure it would be a great success.

Avatar – Anything, as long as it’s good!

The Top Five TV shows whihc would make great single player games

Finally the best for last. The Avatar series (not the blue guys) has grown immensely since Last Airbender was first aired back in 2005. It has spawned an entire new TV series – The Legend of Korra – not to mention multiple books and comics. There are some games already made based on the Last Airbender storyline and there was even a Last Airbender MMORPG. Recently there has also been an okay Legend of Korra game which came out on current generation consoles.

Although there have been all these game of various genres and levels of quality, none of them are great; none of them have truly encapsulated the feeling of the Avatar franchise. The Avatar universe is one of the most interesting and unique worlds out there, with lovable characters, deep and meaningful conflicts, and a diverse world with interesting lore. If given to the right studio, with enough time and resources and freedom to be able to extend the universe, rather than just repeat a story we have already seen, that would be every fan’s dream.

What did you think? Are there any other TV shows you think would be a great single player game? Let us know in the comments!

Seamus Mullins
Gamer of every genre, but often prefers just buying games and looking at them and the pretty covers rather than ever playing them. A writer from Australia, currently studying Journalism and hoping to make it big one day in writing.

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  1. Breaking Bad – J-RPG? :D

    1. haha that would be amazing! I would definitely play that game!

  2. I enjoyed the recent Korra game, but it really just made me want a bigger budget, more fleshed out game in that universe. The combat was good there so keep that aspect along the same lines, but I want a bigger world to explore. Maybe Naga could be a mount to cover large distances instead of being used in a Temple Run minigame knockoff. Lots of quests and sidequests to complete. Maybe abilities better leveraged for platforming or puzzles to create a more complete experience. The potential for a truly great video game for that series or Last Airbender is certainly there.

    Great list.

    1. You are thinking right along my lines good man!

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