The PlayStation 4 was initially revealed in February of 2013 with four main first party exclusive titles as well as a few more indie exclusives. After a rock solid start, selling more than 4 million units before 2014, there are many announced and unannounced exclusive titles coming to the platform in the coming years. Here are five of OnlySP’s most anticipated upcoming single player PlayStation 4 exclusives.

inFAMOUS: Second Son

Originally teased back at the PlayStation 4 Reveal Event, inFAMOUS: Second Son has been one of the most anticipated titles for not just the PS4, but the whole year. Developed by Sucker Punch, the studio continues the narrative of the inFAMOUS franchise with Delsin Rowe, a rebel fighting against a vicious government regime. When he discovers that he has become a conduit, however, the Seattle-born 20-something begins to fight back.

As well as the new protagonist, inFAMOUS has also implemented the powers of smoke and neon in the game. Delsin’s powers can have the character morph into the smoke of a chimney and traverse up to the top of a building. Neon, meanwhile, allows Delsin to run up buildings vertically and snipe with precise pulses of light. More powers have been teased by Sucker Punch. inFAMOUS fans should also expect the highest fidelity graphics so far for the series, with destructible environments, detailed particle effects and a very close replica to the actual city of Seattle. Second Son will be coming out shortly on March 21st.

infamous neon

The Order: 1886

While we haven’t seen much of this game since its full reveal at E3 2013, we know that we are excited for it. Set in an alternate 1886 London, you play as Sir Galahad, a knight from a guild known as The Order. The Order is out to keep the world safe from monsters which are half animal and half man. The game will be a linear story-based game that developers Ready At Dawn, who made the critically acclaimed God of War games on PSP, have coined as a “filmic” experience.

There has not yet been a gameplay trailer for The Order, but we know that the game will be a third-person shooter in which the protagonists use advanced weaponry against the half-breed enemies. The developers have also said that the game will look better than its reveal trailer let on. The Order: 1886 will be released in Fall 2014, and will be one of the biggest exclusive titles for the PlayStation 4 in 2014.


Uncharted PS4

Aside from a teaser trailer at the PlayStation 4 launch event in November, we know nothing about Uncharted PS4. We are eagerly awaiting a full reveal, which we hope comes as soon as possible. We do not yet know of a full title, any story aspects, or even whether or not Nathan Drake is in the game. However, considering the calibre of the previous Uncharted games, and last year’s hit The Last of Us, we still know that this is one of our most anticipated PS4 titles.

What we do know from the trailer is that the game will feature Todd Stashwick as a main character in the game, who has teased his motion capture experiences on Twitter. We can also see that there will be story events in the area of Africa and Madagascar from the trailer. Amy Hennig, the writer of the game, has said that Naughty Dog hopes to deliver “the best in storytelling, performance capture, technical innovation and graphics on the PS4.”

uncharted ps4

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is an indie game that is being developed by TheChineseRoom, the creators of Dear Esther and Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs. It was initially revealed at Gamescom 2013, and it is being built using CryEngine 3. It revolves around six characters in a village in Shropshire, each of whom are connected to landmarks around the world which evolve as the game goes on.

The story begins with the end of the world. You are in an open world just before the apocalypse, and you get to explore the world as it prepares for this event. It is a first-person exploration game, and the world reacts to your actions. Exploration is what pushes the story forward. Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture looks to be an interesting PlayStation 4 exclusive title that we are very excited for.

Everybody's_gone_to_the_rapture_logo 2


A surprise announcement from Sony during their Gamescom conference was Rime, a beautiful puzzle-adventure game by Tequila Works (developer of Deadlight). In this game, you play as a boy who is lost on a mystery island, suffering from a curse. In Rime, you must solve puzzles and explore the island to survive and find the island’s secret.

Rime will also use the unique features of the DualShock 4 such as the light bar, speaker, and touch pad. Further explanation on how these aspects of the controller are being used have not been provided.


With a similar aesthetic to the likes of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus alongside the prospect of having an excellent puzzle-adventure title set on a beautiful island landscape, Rime is definitely something to look out for this year.


These are just five of the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusives coming soon. We know every first party Sony studio is making a PS4 game, and we can’t wait to hear about them all. Let us know what PS4 games you’re excited for in the comments below. Check back next week for the Top 5 Upcoming Single Player Xbox One exclusives.

(Thanks to Chris Penwell for writing about InFamous: Second Son and Rime)

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