With the upcoming Thief and Star Wars Battlefront reboots coming to next-gen, we decided to take a look at the Top 5 game series that we think deserve a fresh reboot. Read on to find out what we picked.

5. 007 Games


Bond. James Bond. 007 was once a legendary and iconic name in the world of gaming. Everything Or Nothing, Nightfire and From Russia With Love are all remembered with fond memories, but none can compare to N64’s GoldenEye which has been called the best Bond game with its massive amount of content and addictive multiplayer. However, the appeal of the series has gone down the drain ever since Quantum Of Solace. The “Daniel Craig” era of James Bond games has not been a successful one so it’s time to usher a new age with some fresh ideas. Most 007 games focus on either gameplay or story so a reboot that focuses on both aspects could prove to be very popular, whether it  be in 1st or 3rd person. The series just needs to be shaken up and not stirred, in order to reclaim its popularity.

4. Crash Bandicoot


Crash Bandicoot was Sony’s hero of the 90s with 4 highly successful games under his belt before entering the millennium. Each game was better than the last with unique levels, fun and colourful characters and an enjoyable story to tell. By 2001, Naughty Dog relinquished Crash Bandicoot because they feared he wouldn’t be as successful on the PS2. They were right. Traveller’s Tales picked up the franchise and decided to make the franchise available for all platforms with Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath Of Cortex. The game was met with mixed reviews and marked the beginning of a decline for Crash games. It’s been 5 years since the last Crash Bandicoot game was released and it’s about time that a reboot was in order. Sony should think about bringing the orange bandicoot back into the gaming world with the PS4. The original game is simplistic in concept and fantastic in execution; it would be a shame not to bring Crash back for next-gen.

3. Resident Evil


Like many game series before it, the quality in the Resident Evil series has dipped with the transition from console to console. Resident Evil 1,2 and 3 were outstanding horror games and 4 was a great action/horror game that had a wider appeal to gamers while still capturing what people love about Resident Evil. RE4 was such a popular game that many felt “let down” by Resident Evil 5. Despite receiving great reviews, many Resident Evil fans did not like 5 because it betrayed what the series was all about. Being a globe-trotting, bio-weapon hunting merc did not sit well with fans that were used to being an isolated individual in a remote location filled with zombies and other unknown horrors. RE6 tried to bring back the old charm but ultimately lost the battle of staying relevant and going back to your roots. It received negative reviews and was claimed to be a “glorified $60 rollercoaster ride”. With next-gen approaching very soon, Resident Evil has nowhere to go but up. With claims that the next game will return to its horror roots, Resident Evil has the chance to get back up on the “iconic games” pedestal it deserves to be on. Let’s hope the series is successful this time or they could end up becoming a Jill sandwich.

2. Starfox


Flying around in games is always fun, right? Flying around while an anthropomorphic hare tells you to do barrel rolls is even better. The Starfox series is a favourite of many and Starfox 64 was the top selling game of ’97, next to Mario Kart 64. With the release of the Wii U, Nintendo has the perfect opportunity to reintroduce Fox McCloud and his team with some fresh visuals and gameplay as well incorporating the use of the gamepad. While it’s not certain that the 3D scrolling gameplay will appeal to all, I’m confident that the game can appeal to younger players with its great characters and simple gameplay. It could be the next smash hit for the Wii U.



From Jurassic Park to Yoshi, everybody loves dinosaurs. Turok is all about a time-travelling Native American who must protect the barrier between Earth and the Lost Land which boils down to kicking some dinosaur backsides. Turok on N64 was a smash hit back in 1997. It was called “Doom with dinosaurs” and “A very pretty Duke Nukem” which was very high praise at the time. In 2008, Turok was rebooted and was met with very mixed reviews. With the open world genre becoming ever so popular these days, I believe Turok has the capability to make it back into the gaming world. Many gamers cry out for Battlefield to have a “dinosaur” DLC and Far Cry 3 decided to put in some giant neon lizards in the Blood Dragon expansion. The Turok license should be picked up by either Ubisoft or EA (with DICE involvement of course) and make it into a dinosaur destroying open world triumph. You could set traps for dinosaurs, manage your health, food and hydration by harvesting from the vast open world and just generally become a bad-ass hunter that learns how to take down dinosaurs with ease through the course of the game’s story. The online could feature hunters versus dinosaurs gameplay which would be an absolute blast to play. Who knows? There’s a lot of potential with this franchise and I’m eager to see someone snatch it up and produce a reboot that blows us all away.

Have a game you want to see rebooted in the future? Let us know in the comments!

Nathan Hughes
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  1. i want a new F-Zero dammit

  2. Freedom Fighters.

  3. On turok’s reboot. What about something like Natural Selection’s style gameplay for it. basically instead of aliens they’d have dinosaurs. maybe not as broad of a selection or intricate gameplay. maybe just a first person shooter/brawler depending on who you’re playing as. simple.

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