Top 5 Multiplayer Only Games Which Would Make Good Single Player Games

Only online/multiplayer games have always had an impact on the games industry, but more so now with seasoned developers such as Bungie creating games with an online, co-op focus for every aspect of the game. Massive Multiplayer Online games are released spanning years of content and some big first person shooters are focusing entirely on multiplayer. Regularly, we wish some of our favourite multiplayer games were single player instead, often so the developers could be more focused on content and story rather than creating an online infrastructure and worrying about match-making. On that note, here are our top 5 multiplayer games which we think, would make good single player games.


Top 5 Multiplayer Only Games Which Would Make Good Single Player Games

Titanfall was the first big multiplayer only game to hit this generation, causing quite the stir among the video game community. It was marketed as not only the first big first person shooter to be multiplayer only, but the reason behind owning an Xbox over a PlayStation. A system built on the gameplay mechanics of pilots on foot, versing giant Titans, led to tight game play, with open yet varied maps and locations, and some of the best moments multiplayer gaming had to offer.

But for many, without a single player campaign the game felt empty, just a part of an expected experience for gamers. And with little content, slow levelling and low equipment unlocks for multiplayer, the player base died quicker than most multiplayer games. So why not a single player version of Titanfall? An epic campaign, where players have the chance to use the fantastic game mechanics created by Respawn Entertainment, explore more of the galaxy and continue the fight between the IMC and Militia.

Campaign levels spread across large sections of planets in large military battles. Using the same mechanics, but in even bigger levels, with multiple routes to the solution and target. As a massive Titanfall fan, it would be great just to see more Titanfall, but having an extensive campaign with meaningful characters and motivations would make the experience even better.

Guild Wars 2

Top 5 Multiplayer Only Games Which Would Make Good Single Player Games

Massively Multiplayer Online games are an important genre in the video game industry. Although it has dwindled at times, it has seen a bit of a revival with games such the free to play turncoat, Star Wars: The Old Republic, or the colourful Wildstar, and even titles such as The Secret World have pushed the genre into new territory. These games often have millions of players inhabiting their worlds, creating expansive communities and feature incredible stories, spanning hundreds of hours of missions and events, and content created for players for years after released. However the MMO genre can be too much for many gamers, myself included. With thousands of players running around it’s hard to become immersed in the story, while already established communities makes it hard to break into the fold.

Therefore, it would be great for more single player games to have these types of ecosystems for players, where developers stick around and keep creating content for a game instead of moving on at the first chance. Guild Wars 2 is a great example of a game single player fans would love. Interesting lore with multiple races, including different story lines, tons of content and areas to explore and featuring tight combat mechanics and meaningful skill trees and abilities. Sounds like the perfect single player game to me.

Star Wars Battlefront

Top 5 Multiplayer Only Games Which Would Make Good Single Player Games


Take one of the most well-known, beloved movie-based games and create a current generation experience. Welcome Star Wars Battlefront from EA. Now, I know this has been a sore issue in the media and gaming community, but the constant judgement and grief without a second of gameplay is incredibly unfair for DICE. But I haven’t added SWB to complain about the lack of iron sights or planned downloadable content. Just asking for a single player game. Small ask.

Although there is sort of a single player mode, it’s not quite the same as the outstanding and enduring Galactic Conquest which was in previous editions of the Battlefront series. So many great memories for myself and for others I’m sure, of tight battles and strategic maneuvering of your fleets and forces to secure a planet you really needed. Pure fun, and fun you will often only have while playing against bots. In regards to the announced changes so far, I can understand changing certain features or taking out one part of a battle type to allow for focus on another element, but not having any substantial, standalone single player modes would be a real loss to an exceptional series. But who knows, there is sure to be more announcements of modes before the release later this year, maybe we will get lucky.

League of Legends

Top 5 Multiplayer Only Games Which Would Make Good Single Player Games

One of the fastest growing original games and still one of the most played multiplayer games after years, League of Legends obviously has a strong following, and it’s not just for its industry leading combat and mechanics. The characters and background stories are a large part of what makes League of Legends so interesting and varied. Champions all have their own stories and conflicts from the past, defining who they are, their appearance and how they fight. Therefore, wouldn’t it be great to explore the stories behind these characters and the world of LOL through a single player game.

A game in the similar vein of the old Warcraft games, an overhead view, with heavy story focus and RPG mechanics. Although somewhat of a dramatic switch for a MOBA series, its something I’m sure many fans of the game would enjoy, seeing their favorite champions in a new setting and learning more about them through their experiences.


Top 5 Multiplayer Only Games Which Would Make Good Single Player Games

Truly a game built for greatness. It simply couldn’t be anything but a success with the talent and experience behind such a project. Bungie created something magical and beautiful, a universe with such potential it could be stretched out into ten years of games and add-on content as promised. Unfortunately many fans found Destiny to have a very distinct multiplayer grind gameplay focus, with such a lack of disrespect for the lore around it.

As a single player game lover, there is nothing more I would love to see than a single player game created in the Destiny series. Keeping the same solid shooting mechanics and stunning visuals, but replacing the party load times and repetitive missions with stories exploring the history and lore of the now darkened galaxy. As any fan would say, there is much potential for the series to grow and expand, but hopefully Bungie learns from their mistakes and do it with meaningful story oriented missions with real significance to the worlds around us.

So what do you think single players? Are these multiplayer games you would love to see as single player games? Let us know in the comments and be sure to follow Only SP for more Top 5 Tuesday articles on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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  1. Destiny is almost a single player game anyway – you could do 80% of day 1 content on your own and the worlds often feel sparsely populated. . Its only for the later stuff that it slams the MP wall in your face (literally with no raid matchmaking).

    1. Yeah I know, I guess I just want a single player only game of Destiny so they would hopefully flesh out the story and lore more in game, rather than send me online to find some something resembling a story line

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