There is something enticing about indie games isn’t there? So much so that a lot of people say that AAA titles aren’t really worth our time anymore and that for true innovation, we should look no further than independent developed titles. Well, the problem with indie games is that they are often low on cash. It’s for this reason that usually they make up for their monetary deficit with unique visuals or mechanics (which often make them better). But there are some indie titles that, while incredible, could be just that much better with a large cash injection.

5. This War Of Mine

This War of Mine is a game that really explores an aspect of war that is usually neglected. This War of Mine delves into the effect war has on the civilians of the war-torn land. You don’t play as the badass “super solider” who rips through armies of Germans with his Tommy Gun complete with never-ending clip. Instead, you are real people trying to survive. You scavenge. You save you fellow man. You steal from the weak. You murder the dangerous.

The game dropped on PC first and then on tablets. The tablet version was a near perfect clone of the PC version that one could play on the go. Whilst it is good to enjoy your game on the go, it would have been nice if the PC version was a tad more advanced than what can be squeezed onto a tablet. With a bigger budget, this game could have been a PC powerhouse.

Top 5 Games We Wish Had A Bigger Budget

4. Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight is a game that definitely benefits from its restrictions. The game is unique in premise, cute and charming in aesthetic, and has a killer 8-bit soundtrack. All of these might have been a little less charming if they had been backed by a massive budget.

However, the game is being developed and sustained by a five-man team. The game gets updates,and bug fixes. However, these are not as frequent as they could be. This is not the fault of the developer, they are working as hard as they can to keep the game fresh and interesting for both old and new players. But, with more manpower, more money, and more backing, they could release these updates more frequently. And more stuff quicker can only be a good thing right?


3. Intrusion 2

Intrusion 2 is action packed awesomeness. It is every Die Hard fans dream. This game is “killing helicopters with cars” level of amazing. This spot was a toss up between Intrusion 2 and Super Time Force Ultra, but Intrusion 2 is Metroidvania gold, with action packed boss fights and awe-inspiring fight scenes. This game is made by one person. ONE! And yet it released looking like a game that had been developed and polished by a skilled team.

Now, while this game is near perfection as it already is, it would not hurt to just have more of it. That’s it. Simple. I don’t think funding would go to expanding aspects of the current game or changing up the formula. Just give me more of it. A cash injection would benefit everyone if we simply got Intrusion 2.5, just give me more riding wolves and locking jaws with metal dragons. Please.


2. Titan Souls

Titan Souls is like Shadow of the Colossus and Dark Souls got together and made a sadistic love child. The game is simply a series of boss battles, extremely difficult battles that you as the player must beat in order to advance. The game has a very soft, pastel, 8-bit aesthetic to it. However, don’t let this soft exterior fool you. The game is extremely difficult.

Titan Souls suffers from the same problem as Intrusion 2, there just isn’t enough of it. The game takes you on a truly exciting, intriguing journey. This journey, however, is cut short. The campaign lasts a mere 3 hours or so. Each boss battle has a unique mechanic or move set to it, and there is no reason that more battles would hinder the experience in any way. However, this isn’t possible without more money.


1. Undertale

Did you see this one coming? Of course you did. Now, you probably already know that our Editor in Chief, Reid Gacke, would surely hunt me down if I didn’t include this one. Undertale is an “indie big hitter” if there is such a thing. It came out of nowhere and everyone fell in love with it (rightly so).

For the other entries on this list, I have suggested where in the development I would sink the extra cash. However, the whole premise of Undertale is so unique and interesting that I would simply love to let the developer loose with a load of cash and just see what more they could do throughout the whole experience




What about you? Do you agree with our picks? Or do you think these games would be hurt by an influx of money? What other indie titles do you wish had a bigger budget to expand the offering? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@Official_OnlySP) for more single player goodness.

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