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Bethesda’s decision to support mods for the Xbox One version of Fallout 4 is unprecedented. Of course, until the last generation of consoles, there would have been nowhere to store them anyway. While games like Little Big Planet, Disney Infinity and Minecraft have allowed the sharing of user content, they are hardly single-player focused games, and are truthfully a completely different type of game altogether. According to the company’s official twitter account, traffic on the Xbox One when mods were made available was 50 times that on the PC, and at the time of this piece, there are over 1500 mods available for the Xbox One version of Fallout 4.

As you might know, my biggest complaint with Fallout 4 is its lack of narrative density, and how many holes there are in that narrative. I was pleasantly surprised with the Far Harbor DLC, but in many ways it just made me wish the core game’s story was better. With that in mind, my list of the top five mods for Fallout 4 are all related to narrative, either by expanding the narrative or by improving it. Sure, there are a lot of graphical improvements that I recommend browsing, but if you’re just looking to hack the game, I think it’s probably time to start playing something new.

Fallout 4 Sparky’s Quantum Adventure

Sparky’s Quantum Adventure

This is an interesting mod that actually allows you to travel back in time and try to stop the apocalypse.  This mod features some new locations, a return of the Tunnel Snakes and over 300 new lines of dialogue. Granted, much of that dialogue isn’t quite on par with what was done for the original game, but it’s really only when the sole survivor speaks new lines that it becomes jarring. Once the mod is installed and enabled, it can be accessed through the Dark Tunnel, southeast of Abernathy Farm.


Another mod that’s a significant improvement to Fallout 4’s narrative is the WRVR mod. The first thing this mod does is add a new radio station that’s filled with new music, DJ commentary, radio plays, adverts, and monologues. There are even some alternate versions of songs from Fallout: New Vegas and an Elvis tune. Of course the best parts of the mod are the new quests and recruitable companion. This time around, the voicework is pretty good, and Casey can be a very entertaining partner. Did I mention that she tells corny jokes and swears?

Fallout 4 A Cannibal In Concord

A Cannibal In Concord 

A Cannibal In Concord forces you to face your fears alone. No companions allowed. Based on stories taken from real life serial killers and cannibals, primarily a person named Albert Fish. It goes without saying, this mod does contain graphic content and descriptions that some users may find disturbing. A Cannibal in Concord offers a new house location in Concord and forces you to look around, move objects, and solve puzzles to find your way through the house. Like the classic adventure games and the original survival horror titles, you do have to be thorough and thoughtful to get through this adventure.

Alternate Start – Infinite Answer

Infinite Answer provides an alternative means to start the game for those who would rather skip the intro sequence in Sanctuary and Vault 111, as well as premise of being the Sole Survivor. In this mod, you will start the game in a new location, where you choose your gender and appearance. From there, you can choose to be either a new ghoul arrival at Goodneighbour, or a member of the Church Of Atom. You can also just start off stranded on a broken down/sinking boat in the middle of the ocean, become a gunner conscript, an adventurer seeking the Atom Cats, or a Brotherhood initiate. This is all accessed from a terminal in your pre-war home.

Fallout 4 Full Dialogue Interface

Full Dialogue Interface

If you really hate the dialogue choice generalizations in Fallout 4, and want more control over your character’s responses, you should definitely check out this mod. The Full Dialogue Interface mod displays the full line of what your character is about to say, the mod also includes tonal notes in brackets that clarify the meaning of certain lines. For instance, all sarcastic dialogue options will have the note “Sarcastic” listed before them, and similarly, all options involving lying will have “Lie” listed before them. It also alters the whole dialogue interface by displaying dialogue options in a list. The mod has also been updated to support all of the current official Fallout 4 add-ons.

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