So it seems like the new Tomb Raider has just gotten sexier…and the news surprisingly has nothing to do with Lara Croft.

Santa Monica veteran Cory Barlog has just been hired by Crystal Dynamics today, and if you play a super-short game of Six Degrees of Separation with the subject being “company-and-what-company-is-working-on”, it’s safe to say that he’s not going to be assisting with the next Gex title.

Barlog’ has quite the impressive resume of high-quality titles, being best known as the director of the  God of War PS2 titles as well as creative director for Chains of Olympus and story designer for Ghosts of Sparta, Crystal studio head Daniel Gallagher is totally correct when he says that Cory is a “tremendously exciting addition to the team.”  Let’s just hope his influence adds more to the “beautiful environments and engaging story” aspect of this reboot, and that the whole “Lara Croft swinging chain blades” is a disturbing idea that stays in my mind only. Though you have to admit: Lara could totally pull off the “white ash with red paint” look.

Congratulations from OnlySP on your new positions, Cory.


Leonard Flounoy

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  1. KuuuuuuuuuuuHl, Lara im LDF2 ala "Clown klettert die 8er-Bahn hoch" ?? XD heisst das, dass bald die "Zoo,mbies" @Source mods usw" Ewuipment bekommen?? :) ZombieWepons für Zombie Panic and More?

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