It appears that Tomb Raider developers within Square Enix have stated during a AMA on reddit that the newest reboot of Tomb Raider was built from the ground up on the Xbox 360 platform. It was later ported to the PlayStation 3 and PC versions. This was a question that was posed to Global Brand Director, Karl Stewart and Creative Director Noah Hughes from Square Enix. The question has since been deleted but this was the answer they provided.

The development of the game has really been kept to a very tight group of internal studios. The entire game has been developed and built from the ground up on the Xbox platform at Crystal, Nixxes (a long time partner of the studio from way back in the Kain days) built the PS3 and PC versions based off of the code we developed at the studio, and then Eidos Montreal built the Multiplayer.

Interesting, does this mean that the PlayStation 3 and PC versions of the game are the weakest link? Could also explain why there have been reports of the PC version being patched twice so far in one month since release.

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  1. It’s always been that way. It’s coded on the Xbox because the it’s the weakest. Then ported to PS3 and PC. If it runs on Xbox, it runs on all the others, conversely, just because it runs on PS3, there are chances the Xbox’s hardware isn’t good enough to run the game.

    1. Well, there isn’t much the ps3 can do that the 360 cannot. The PS3’s blessings are that there is a hard drive in every unit and Blu Ray space, but those can be easily taken into account. Many games this gen have started as PS3 exclusives and have been ported with a negligible difference in quality. From what I’ve heard , it’s easier to go from PS3 to 360 because of the architecture. It’s why Platinum Games started doing that after the Bayonetta debacle.

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