The Wii U will seemingly be missing out on quite a few of this years upcoming games and few developers give an actual answer as to why this is so. In our comments section, a few users showed dissatisfaction that the game was not planned for the Wii U so we got in touch with Gop to learn more about Deck13’s reasoning for not developing a Wii U version of the game.

Gop explained to us that Deck13’s proprietary Fledge Engine is, “not tailor-made for Wii platform” and the development team for the game only consists of 50 people. To put it in simple terms, Gop explained there’s simply, “not enough time and resources” for them to develop on the Wii U.

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Nick Calandra
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  1. Cant blame them

  2. Translation: it’s too weak.

  3. Good news, no need to waste money, time and resources on unpopular and technically antiquated platform.
    keep the game on the three x86 platforms, will cost cheaper to produce, much faster and deeply optimized for betetr performance, graphics and what-not.

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