Wigmund The Return of the Hidden Knights

Developer The Scholastics has released a status update for top-down, medieval-adventure RPG Wigmund: The Return of the Hidden Knights.

In a recent update on the game’s Steam page, the studio confirmed it has been meeting its development schedule.

At the start of December last year, the studio was at an early stage of developing some new companions. The companions are now complete and are called Wigstan and Cyneric, also known as ‘the Archer’ and ‘the Powerful’, respectively, thus allowing players to journey around as a devastating trio.

Also introduced is an asymmetric equipment system prompting players to dress accordingly for combat. The developer has introduced interactive capes that react to physical movements and also showcased the “seventh armour set.” Additionally, the studio is in the final stages of completing new zones and enemies.

The game is set in an open-world environment based on Anglo-Saxon and Celtic lore. For example, the game will feature dragons which will be intertwined into players’ quests whilst also including detailed medieval trimmings such as castles, tomes, and armour sets. Additionally, armour sets will consist of several pieces; each piece adds bonuses to the body part it is protecting. Therefore, players can collect specialised sets to suit their style of play.

Players will explore and combat to unveil the mystery behind the hidden knights. The gameplay is non-linear and encourages exploration through the reward of reagents used to upgrade along the way.

Players will take on the role of Wigmund, a gifted child who is a fugitive. Wigmund’s skills develop through a combination of tough living conditions, difficult training, and a mystery about his true origin. The expansive lore-driven world is full of outlaws and abandoned ruins. Wigmund will embark on a perilous quest to undermine the New Regime by finding and revealing its dark machinations. Furthermore, the studio’s Twitter page highlights that the narrative design was influenced by “the same world that influenced J.R.R. Tolkien’s writings.”

Players will unravel a deep insight through story-rich questing into the background of Wigmund by discovering many other compelling secrets in relation to the ‘New Regime’ with vast dialogues, reading books, and voice narrated cutscenes.

Regarding combat, Wigmund’s sword can be wielded and mastered with simple click-based actions. According to the game’s website, how players use the mouse is the key to mastering attacking and defensive manoeuvres:

“The mouse will become an extension of your in-game weapon. You will control the blows with your mouse gestures as well as your dodges.”

However, players will need to be prepared for unique encounters because “Each monster and especially each boss will have [its] own set of capabilities that will require you to adapt your style.”

The title also allows for heavy customisation; players can upgrade the characters speed, health, and damage. Wigmund can vanquish enemies with super abilities too including a trance state called ‘Warrior furor’ as well as unnatural skills for both offensive and defensive strategies.

Wigmund: The Return of the Hidden Knights is set to release on PC via Steam on June 1, 2020.

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