Square-Enix and Tokyo RPG Factory, the team behind retro-JRPG throwback I Am Setsuna, have announced their newest project Lost Sphear.

Although the companies have not yet commented on the possibility of a narrative connection between the two games, Lost Sphear builds on the core mechanics of I Am Setsuna. Overworld exploration retains the 2.5D look used so effectively in the earlier title, with the most notable refinements being made to the battle system. The developers promise a “revamped” ATB system whereby players are able to adjust their placement in mid-combat to ensure more effective outcomes.

The story, however, is very different. Players will take control of a boy named Kanata who wakes one day to find that his mother has disappeared and his world is dissolving into mist. Alongside a number of companions, Kanata must find a way to draw on his memories in order to restore the world to its former glory.

While Lost Sphear is stylistically very similar to I Am Setsuna, the game’s world is very different, showing off a summer-like Gothic aesthetic, as opposed to the previous title’s wintery fantasy setting. The announcement trailer embedded below shows off these visual changes:

OnlySP’s James Schumacher scored I Am Setsuna 7/10 on release last year, likening the game to “the sampler platter at your favorite restaurant,” and saying that it “provides delicious samples of the styles and themes you know and love.”

Lost Sphear is currently targeting an early 2018 release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Switch platforms, with the console versions being available as physical copies. Anyone who pre-orders the game from Square-Enix’s online store will gain exclusive access to two songs from the game’s soundtrack on launch.

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Damien Lawardorn
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