Todd Howard, director and executive producer at Bethesda Game Studios, appears to have dropped some hints that Bethesda will be announcing a new IP at this year’s E3.

In an interview with YouTuber JustDomShow, Howard spoke on Bethesda’s new animation system, which is being used for a project currently in pre-production. However, he let slip that another project, which is nearing completion, will use the old animation system. Effectively, Howard revealed that the project currently in production will be finishing up soon.

A new animation system is a no-brainer for Bethesda, as Fallout 4 began to show the system’s age. Howard even hinted that Bethesda’s current engines were not strong enough for its ambitions, stating that Elder Scrolls VI would be technologically impossible before the new animation system was built.

Howard also talked about how he is still in love with the RPG genre, that he has been watching too much Black Mirror lately, and, interestingly, that he has been reading a lot of sci-fi, particularly pertaining to space travel. Fans may be reading too much into this, but rarely do game developers go so  in-depth about the entertainment they have been consuming unless they are drawing inspiration from them.

JustDomShow goes onto say that he believes the next game will be set in a sci-fi universe, with such sentiments easy to justify given Howard’s comments.

Judging by how quickly this unnamed titled is finishing up, plus the runaway success of Bethesda’s E3 conferences since 2015, strong indications exist that the company will be announcing something huge this year. Most recently, Bethesda Game Studios bulked up its production capacity by rebranding the Texas-based development team formerly known as Battlecry Studios as Bethesda Game Studios Austin.

Furthermore, Howard spoke about mobile games, which Bethesda will likely release as a companion to their future titles, given the success of Fallout: Shelter.

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