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Thanks to the EA Play conference, we now have our first official details of Titanfall 2, including the offline single-player mode telling the story of Jack Cooper and the sentient Titan BT-7274.

Already there’s plenty of neat information on offer from the trailer, so let’s speculate about this much-anticipated mode!

It’s a Science Fiction Game, Alright

In our story Titanfall 2’s Single Player Campaign: What We’d Like To See, one concern was that the story might turn out to be Call of Duty again, this time in space. The recent non-Infinity Ward CoD games have shown that the formula works with robots instead of terrorists, and can play more or less the same.

However, from the variety on display in the trailer, Respawn Entertainment is more interested in developing the science fiction universe of Titanfall. With fantastical locations and dangerous alien creatures, the sky’s the limit as to where players will go and what they have to overcome. Along with the Titan mechanics, properly leveraging the first game’s wall-running traversal and fascinating art design is sure to please fans of science fiction shooters, from Half-Life to Halo.

Titanfall 2: Titan Brothers in Arms?

Respawn has intentionally strayed from the military-only tone of Modern Warfare by focusing on the relationship between the pilot and their Titan, a connection as important in gameplay as it is in the fiction. Hopefully this means that players will be able to customise not only Jack Cooper but his Titan as well.

The deep but warm voice of BT-7274 suggests inspiration from films like The Iron Giant or even the Transformers cartoons, giving individual personalities to the giant robots. In the final shot of Cooper being tossed by BT across a chasm, the trailer suggests players will learn to rely on their Titan friend – maybe even make an emotional connection. This is a clever direction to take from both a gameplay and story perspective, as the campaign won’t be spread thin with too many points of view. Rather, the core of the story will be focused on the two main characters.

The AI Debate

Although the trailer doesn’t tell us whether BT-7274 is unique for being a sentient Titan (it wouldn’t be the first story about mecha becoming self-aware), it is clear that part of the Titanfall 2 story will revolve around the place of AI in war. What little story the original Titanfall had was cut with the theme of humanity versus machines. Since the two main protagonists of the sequel are a human and a Titan, we can expect more of this theme to be explored.

Will neither side be the true villain, instead the creators of the Titans themselves, Hammond Robotics? Will the humans reject the machines entirely and begin a new war? Perhaps the story ends with humans and Titans living peacefully together? We doubt it, since in another few years they’ll be back at war in Titanfall 3.

A Variety of Level Types

As the art design suggests a high science fiction theme in the story, so the gameplay shown in the trailer suggests variety in the level design. With wide open battlefields, claustrophobic corridors, and elaborate construction and mining operations, the trailer promises many different environments for single player. If Respawn are applying the same dedication to detail in these single player missions as they did for the multi-player maps, the campaign could be very memorable indeed.

Bonus: Multi-Player’s Grappling Hook

If you haven’t seen the other Titanfall 2 trailer because you’re more interested in the campaign, the multi-player mode has a grappling hook! Launching players around the map! Please put this in the single player mode!

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