The European Playstation Blog has revealed more details about the single player campaign of the sequel to the multiplayer-only title Titanfall. In addition, four minutes of gameplay footage have been released of Titanfall 2 below.

The story throws you into the life of Militia rifleman Jack Cooper, who has spent his life fantasizing about the opportunity to operate a mech. After being asked to find a power source to a defunct BT-7274 (or BT for short), BT and Cooper form a neuro-link that begins what will likely be a beautiful friendship along a roller-coaster, feel-good campaign…

I admit to be half joking, as another confirmation is conversation options between you and BT. According to the blog, these will likely not be central pieces that will come back to haunt you akin to Telltale. Instead, they work as small conversational moments, with the blog giving one example:

“…at one point, Jack and BT encounter a dead end, with more structures dozens (maybe hundreds?) of feet away. BT suggests that the only way forward is a throw, to which Jack replies… well, he replies one of two ways, depending on the player’s choice….

…BT suggests that Jack climb into his hand to be tossed across this massive abyss, a maneuver that BT pegs at a 64% chance of success. The person driving our demo chose the response “What about the other 36%?!” which was met with a comically dry assessment of the catastrophic results of a hypothetical missed throw.”

Although you wouldn’t be spending the entirety of the campaign inside BT, as there will be moments where you’ll be utilizing the parkour Titanfall became known for. The demo played by the blog poster had them wall-riding and using their jet pack to navigate terrain impossible for their mech-buddy to follow along. However, it is unknown if the game will allow you to approach a problem either via BT or on foot, or will keep the situations linear.

Overall, looking through the blog, it appears Titanfall 2‘s campaign will be taking a cinematic Call of Duty style of campaign mode with splashes of interactions to allow for characterization. While I hope some chat options will get referred to later on, it is nice to be able to play Jack your way. Despite it being the developer’s first attempt with a campaign mode, it seems to be shaping up well.

Titanfall 2 will launch onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 28th later this year.

Titanfall 2’s Single Player Campaign Said to Be Around “Eight Hours” in Length

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