Platforms: PC, iOS, and and Android
Developer: 5Ants
Publisher: Rovio Entertainment
Ratings: N/A
Review copy provided by Rovio Entertainment

Tiny Thief is a point and click puzzle game published by Rovio Entertainment. If you’re struggling to recall where you remember that name from, they’re the studio that developed Angry Birds. Seeing it stands on the shoulders of the most popular mobile game ever, Tiny Thief has a lot to live up to.  It’s a good title, but one that is much better on mobile devices.

The gameplay is the centre point of any puzzle game, and Tiny Thief is an interesting play. The core of the game involves guiding the titular character around various levels, as he steals valuables and (hopefully) avoids detection by the various guards found throughout the levels. This is done by clicking on the intended location for Tiny Thief. If you want him to interact with objects, they have to be clicked on, and then the button that appears must also be clicked. It’s an easy enough to use system, though I found it difficult at times to determine what could be interacted with, and what could not. Aside from sporadic control issues, the gameplay is pretty good. The levels change a fair amount each time, though this is found more towards the end than at the beginning. The puzzle are enjoyable, and the more complex ones can require some thought. There are also numerous optional objective within levels, which is good for completionists. These are fun enough to collect, and don’t feel like filler content as they often can in games.

Tiny Thief is a pleasant game to look at. Its cartoony style is fun, and easy on the eyes. While it is sometimes difficult to distinguish separate objects, the colour palette is fairly varied and is usually nice. The game uses the style rather well, and often makes moments of humour funnier because of the expressions of the characters. This use of an art style is refreshing to see in a game, and makes a change from the gritty and realistic views that we often see in modern gaming.

My thoughts exactly.

My thoughts exactly.

Sadly, sound is a let down in Tiny Thief. The audio is a disappointment at best. The game’s noise is a forgettable mish-mash of sounds that schlep into your ears. The music is weak, boring, and forgettable. The in-game sound effects could have been composed using a squeaky chair and a coughing OAP. Seeing as the game’s visuals were so nice, and so well-used, it’s saddening to have the audio so poorly used.

The game is currently 70% off on Steam, down to £3.60. At full price it’s £11.99. On iOS and Android it’s £1.99. This is part of my main issue with this game. It’s simply not a PC game. The controls, the style, and length of the game (around 5 hours) all lend it to being a mobile game. Yet, not only is it on PC, but it’s vastly more expensive on PC. It’s 6 times dearer than on Android. I feel that the game is good, but simply should be purchased on your phone or tablet of choice.

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