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Daedalic Entertainment and Action Squad Studios has unveiled the release date for the time-manipulating dungeon crawler Iron Danger in a new trailer.

Iron Danger is a unique dungeon crawler that allows players to rewind time to make the most beneficial next move. The mechanic can be used to gain the upper hand on enemies, avoid traps, and even reverse death. Combat is tracked via multiple timestamps similar to that of video editing software and can be rewound at will.

A new trailer from developer Action Squad Studios has confirmed that Iron Danger will be released on Steam on March 25, 2020. The developer shared the announcement via social media and the game’s Discord channel.

In 2018, OnlySP spoke to Iron Danger‘s lead programmer Heikki-Pekka Noronen who explained that the “time manipulation was actually the original core idea of the game mechanics,” and it is something that Action Squad Studios has spent a lot of development time on.

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