Psychonauts 2

Double Fine’s Tim Schafer has revealed new insights into the inspiration for creating the dream world in Psychonauts 2, and how it’s based on real world manifestations of emotions.

During E3 2019’s Coliseum live panel, Geoff Keighley welcomed Jack Black and Schafer on stage to present the first live gameplay demo of Psychonauts 2.

After a significant amount of typical stagemanship from Black (serenading the audience on one occasion), Psychonauts 2 got a decent amount of gameplay, with accompanying commentary from Schafer.

Following the gameplay demo, Schafer explained the origins of his ideas for creating Psychonauts 2 during the Q&A section of the panel. Schafer outlined he wanted to create a world to dive into people’s minds especially focusing on normal human emotions like fear and anxiety. He also confirmed that the engrossing locations for players to explore compliment the experience.

“It was always fascinating to me that, in a dream, everything you see in a dream is really just some aspect of you. Like your fear, like a big, giant bear comes out and it represents some anxiety or something like that. […] And the thought of being able to go in and wrestle with the bear that represents your anxiety just seemed like a really cool thing to do.”

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