Update 8/15/14: Gamescom sale anyone? This pre-order deal on Beyond Earth just resurfaced and its now 25% off! Expires next week on August 18.

While just about every AAA title releasing this fall i.e. Batman: Arkham Knight and Dragon Age: Inquisition are getting pre-order DLC bonuses, the same can’t be say of Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth. Good or bad, thus far there are no announced DLCs or pre-order bonuses mentioned on the PC digital edition of the highly anticipated RTS turn-based strategy game (that’s probably a good thing for those of us that abhor Day 1 DLCs).

While the price starts out at a modest $49.99, you won’t get any snazzy costumes or bonus missions for ordering early… but why not some cold hard cash incentive for Beyond Earth?

The game is now available at UK-based digital retailer Green Man Gaming with a nice 25% off coupon discount, taking a rare $10 off the $49.99 list price.

Four step process to complete your October gaming marathon pre-order:

  1. Click to get Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth for $37.50
  2. At checkout use code: HEA34T-3L03RY-JLXOOR
  3. Wait three months
  4. Get your Steam key via email and add to your library

The coupon code at Green Man Gaming has been extended, but ends soon! While you’ll receive a confirmation of purchase from GMG, you won’t get a game key until we get closer to the official October 24th launch date.

Being a highly anticipated Sid Meier’s title, it’s not likely we’ll see discounts post launch. At least for a month after launch, AAA titles like this aren’t likely to see price drop (and if they do, they’re not selling well). With a 4 year gap between this and Civilzation V – fans of the franchise are crossing their fingers that Firaxis will get this game just right.

Update 7/18: Previously we accidentally had listed Beyond Earth as an RTS title (vs turn base), essentially losing all Civ fan cred in one fell swoop. Oops. Pretty silly goof there!


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  1. New coupon that works until August 29th: 01S6ZC-JVSB28-JRW7X4

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