Though we’ve been cruising through April for over a week now, we have yet to miss any of the major titles teasing us in the coming weeks. Spring can be a fickle time for game releases, but this month there are certainly some interesting things coming over the horizon. We here at OnlySP have picked the top three we are most excited for, and would like to suede you into being as well.

Mortal Kombat X
Devloper: NetherRealm Studios
Publisher: Warner Bros
Release Date: April 14

After the stellar and extremely well received return to form that was Mortal Kombat 9, a new installment was only a matter of time. This uncommonly antiquated series has dabbled in a number of different practices, but bringing it back to the original core of the gameplay was by far the best choice and a no-brainer for the next chapter. Mortal Kombat X doesn’t seem to stray far outside the realm of its predecessor at first glance, but the fighting genre is one of the few that thrives on subtly.

Aside from the predictable roster change-up, MKX’s most predominantly new feature is the character variations, giving players several choices of fighting style for each character. This not only allows a new form of gameplay customization, but, in a practical sense, boosts the roster even further as one character can manifest as several different opponents.

The game will have a traditional campaign mode, and as such is the reason the game made it onto our list of hotly anticipated single player titles for April.


State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition
Developer: Undead Labs
Publisher: Microsoft
Release Date: April 28

Taking a step down from the upper-tier of games, we find a remastered edition of the Xbox live cult hit, State of Decay. A game, while perhaps not benefiting from the budget and publicity of some of its larger counter-parts, that is no less worthy of discussion. This open-world zombie survival experience managed to claw its way out of the stigma of unoriginality that many zombie games have faced lately by taking a note from The Walking Dead, focusing more on the living than the dead. It also took advantage of its open world nature by including a pseudo-tower defense fortification system.

Players can hold up in many different locations, strengthening their base around them by gathering materials from the land which provides them with something to fight for…other than their lives, obviously. This remastered edition doesn’t seemed to bring a ton of “new” to the table, but a fresh graphical upgrade, as well as a selection of new enemies and weapons that might just warrant building that base back up.


Titan Souls
Developer: Acid Nerve
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Release Date: April 14

Finally, Titan Souls. At first mention, one could be mistaken for thinking this is a clear attempt to jump on the Bloodborne bandwagon, but upon further inspection, this comparison becomes significantly less pronounced. This game operates as something of an isometric, Zelda-like dungeon crawler, with its only true similarities to the Soul’s series being some setting themes and proclaimed difficulty curve.

It is hard to say whether not this title will set the world on fire, but if some other comparable titles, such as The Binding of Isaac, are any indication, these types of games definitely have their place.

So, single players, what will you be picking up in the coming weeks? Let us know in the comments section and be sure to stay tuned to OnlySP for further single player gaming coverage.

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  1. Some great games to look forward to this month! I really wanted play state of decay last gen but didn’t have a 360, so I’ll be picking it up one xbox one

  2. broken age ps4.

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