We’re at it again serving up three great games with some single player campaigns you can’t miss for November.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Release Date: November 18th

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, Xbox 360

This is it folks, finally a big RPG release. Granted it’s cross generational but with Bioware at the helm and all this information about a bigger world how could it be a miss? I don’t know exactly what happened with Dragon Age II but let’s just pretend it never happened mmmkay? Maybe putting a number after the game cursed its production.

In any case, early indicators (reviewer chatter) are that this one will live up to the expectations of fans of Dragon Age: Origins. Here’s the thing though, they decided they couldn’t survive without adding multiplayer. The good news: it’s not campaign co-op. That means the main campaign hasn’t been compromised by accommodations for multiple players.

Rather than being stuck in one city, this time the story looks to take us all over Thedas, and with the memorable characters that Bioware always brings to the table this will be a can’t miss for fantasy RPG fans.


Assassin’s Creed: Unity

Release Date: November 11th

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Just one week from now you’ll have the opportunity to follow Assassin’s Creed to the next level with this first next-gen only iteration. AC has always been a series that pushes the boundaries of hardware so despite allowing three other players to creep in, single players can still look forward to a lengthy and well plotted campaign with some great gameplay.

This time you’ll be headed to Paris during the period of the French Revolution. There you will take up the blade of Arno, who will have an all-new set of combat and movement mechanics that include everybody’s favorite mode of bipedal transportation: parkour (that’s free running for you laymans out there).

I know Assassin’s Creed has saturated the market but the fans never get tired of it and let’s face it, Ubisoft has yet to make complete hash out of any of the bigger productions. That means this single player campaign is for the sneaky killer in all of us.


Far Cry 4

Release Date: November 18th

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Competing with Dragon Age on the same day of release comes the next iteration of the open world shooter that has come up through the ranks to impress and attract gamers from various genre ranks.

For an open world game location is everything. Far Cry 2 had a slight problem with its savannah and the jungle island of FC3 really seemed to satisfy fans. I simply can’t see how the Himalayas could disappoint. You’ve got all the weather conditions you need plus a mountainous region that will certainly prove worthy of exploration.

One of the best things about FC3 was the introduction of some unique characters. That tradition continues with Far Cry 4. Taken together, the setup and characters of this game should be enough to sell you on the campaign. Given that it’s open world and full of side quests you can also be assured of a long and entertaining adventure that you can shape as you see fit.


Shoot us a comment and let us know which you plan to spend your time with. These are three AAA games at the busiest time of year so there are probably some of you that gotta have em all straight away. If so, good luck finding time to play all of this greatness. I suspect a few of these are going to be going on some Christmas lists too. Me? Dragon Age all the way. I said I’d wait for reviews after being burned by the doldrums of DAII but the media has been enough to prove to me that it will be safe to take sword in hand again.

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David D. Nelson
David D. Nelson is a polymath with a BA in English working as an independent writing and editing professional. He enjoys gaming, literature, and a good hat.

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