2015 is off to a great start already. In January we got some pretty stellar games on both the indie and triple AAA side of the spectrum and February is looking to continue that trend. This month, single player gamers have a lot to look forward to on the side of RTS games, as well as the first hot PS4 exclusive of the year, The Order: 1886. There’s also a number of indie games coming out as well that players should keep an eye on, such as, There Came an Echo. So, without further ado, here’s the top three single player games of February 2015.

The Order: 1886

Release Date - February 20th
Platforms - PS4

The Order: 1886 is by far one of the hottest single player titles releasing this year. The game has been surrounded by controversy in gaming media over the last couple of months due to the fact the game is a heavily cinematic linear experience and Ready at Dawn didn’t do the best job of showing off the game to the public early on. Recent hands-on impressions of the game have been much more positive about the game, as well as the overall public opinion.

Ready at Dawn has shown off more actual gameplay, which has looked pretty solid thus far. The Order: 1886 is seemingly a standard third person cover shooter with elements of hand-to-hand combat similar to The Last of Us, but with a bit more cinematic flair. Of course, the game’s presentation is one of the high points, but graphics can only take a game so far.

We have yet to get our hands on The Order, so cannot provide our personal opinion on the game as of yet, but based on everything we’ve seen and heard about the game we’re hoping for a strong single player experience with this one. You can check out our Most Anticipated preview video for The Order: 1886 just below.

Total War: Atilla

Release Date - February 17th
Platforms: PC

The Creative Assembly is set to release another entry in the long standing Total War series this month with Total War: Atilla. Atilla will feature a campaign that is much darker than the previous campaigns in Total War games, as Atilla the Hun will bring death and destruction to the flailing Roman empire.

New and returning features will make their way into the campaign mode for Atilla, such as family trees and improved siege gameplay mechanics. Sieges now take place over the course of several years, rather than several days, which will allow the city under siege to decay over time. The city will begin to crumble as the siege continues, with the infrastructure and the population falling apart. Bodies will begin to pile up in the streets, and the city’s defenses will weaken, allowing you to advance and annihilate what’s left.

The Creative Assembly has put a lot of time into making Total War: Atilla feel like the seemingly apocalyptic event that was occurring during 300 AD. Fans are hoping The Creative Assembly doesn’t make the same mistakes that were made with Rome 2: Total War. We’re excited to get our hands on the next entry in the Total War series and will be sure to provide you a full review of the game once we are able.



Homeworld: Remastered Collection

Release Date - February 25th
Platforms - PC

Real-time strategy fans are being treated quite nicely in February. We just discussed Total War: Atilla above, and with Homeworld: Remastered, RTS fans will have two of the all-time best RTS franchises to trudge though this month.

Homeworld: Remastered will include remastered versions of both Homeworld 1 and 2, as well as the original editions of both games. Other than the first trailer we received for the game last week, along with a few screenshots, we haven’t seen much of anything from the remastered collection for Homeworld, however, during the PAX livestream, the developers said the game looks stunning with the upgrades that have been made.

As always, we’ll be sure to provide you with a full review of the game once it’s made available to the press in the next few weeks.



Nick Calandra
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