Along with the next-gen consoles coming later this year comes the inclusion of the brand new games in our favorite genres. One of the most exciting genres I am looking at for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is the RPG. More specifically The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Lords of the Fallen. All three have managed to capture my attention and firmly hold it in their addicting grasp.

The RPG formula has stayed true to itself for so many years, level up, loot, gain new skills, and slay creatures in dark, dank environments. This new generation will hopefully retain some of what we love of the genre, but improve upon it as well, creating a whole new breed of role-playing game for fans to fall in love with all over again.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


I recently began playing The Witcher 2 all over again, partially to prepare myself for the upcoming third entry and partially because I just love the game. Well more than partially, I am addicted to the story of Geralt of Rivia. So when I saw the reveal of Wild Hunt and learned of all the new features coming I was ecstatic.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been boasted to contain “a living open world larger than any other in modern RPG history.” This is a feature I can get behind. And with a big world comes more to do within it. 100 hours of gameplay for the main story and open-world quests sounds about right. I may not have 100 hours to spare but you can be sure I will attempt it.

I am a sucker for immersion in my RPG’s and The Witcher 3 looks to have it in spades. The various NPC characters will behave realistically as will the flora and fauna in the game. In-game events will also change how the world turns out around you.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is on my pre-order list as soon as it becomes available.

Dragon Age: Inquisition


Originally titled Dragon Age 3, developer BioWare decided against this as they wanted to tell a whole new story unrelated to the previous two games. Anyone who has had the opportunity to fight their way through DA 1 or DA 2 will understand the excitement surrounding Inquisition. Multiple choices in gameplay, artfully written dialogue, and loveable characters create an interesting world that is a joy to be in.

Dragon Age: Inquisition will expand upon everything we loved previously. BioWare has fused elements of the previous games and combined them to create the ultimate experience to date. This time the player will have access to a more tactical combat feature and even more customization than before, which, face it, every gamer loves.

This time around the Inquisition will play a large part in the story, which once again is set in Thedas. While the majority of the game is still a mystery the one feature being discussed at BioWare that I am most excited for is a more open world. The developer took feedback from the second game and want to give the player more freedom.

Lords of the Fallen


OXM believes Lords of the Fallen to be a mix of Dark Souls and Borderlands, and I am inclined to agree with them. While I have not seen as much as the folks over at OXM, I have learned what I could about the game. And instead of keeping alive, Executive Producer Tomasz Gop, known for his work on The Witcher 2, encourages the player to die. “Death is how you learn in the game,” he said, “you are not punished for it.”

The difficult, tactical combat promised in Lords of the Fallen has me intrigued. I have not had the chance to get around to Dark Souls yet, but I love the concept of meticulously planning every move before pushing on. To know I will not be punished for making the wrong move is even better.

Lords of the Fallen will retain some old-school RPG features however, classes will be used. The player can switch between a Cleric, Rogue, or Warrior depending on their armor type. Each class will have special moves which require action points to utilize. All of this is familiar and yet not boringly so. Put all this together with a character that is both yours and has a fully fleshed out background to explore and you have a game that captures interest.

Lords of the Fallen is one to watch.

Next-gen looks to be bringing with it a whole lot of epic titles. Improved stories, characters, and gameplay will do nothing but push the genre forward. And I, for one, cannot wait to experience firsthand everything these role-playing games have to offer.

Brandon Morgan
Zombie survivalist. Plasmid addict. I write, a lot. That is all. Follow me on Twitter : @BNomadx

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    1. you lost any credibility when you said “I have not had the chance to get around to Dark Souls yet” dark souls is the finest game to come out since the N64 days.

      1. Well hopefully after the Steam sale I can rectify this.

      2. No, dark souls is a travesty piece of crap.


        Dark souls does not have a story, the creator grew up by playing western rpgs and not been able to read english text so he had to make up the story in this mind. Its a deluded view on western rpgs.

        It has no role playing or story.

        The graphics are horrible, the level design is pretty much resident evil 4 without the invisible walls so you can fall of cliffs and the game has horrible camera and controls.

        There is no balance, you have to somehow fight and dodge monsters 10 times you size that you can barelly dodge, you run out of stamina with a single block, tis riddiculus.On top of that the upgrade systme is riddiculus and too grindy and it hardly makes a diffirence.

        finalyl there is no indication of where the hell you need to go. No map, no marker, no written objective not even “castle key” to tell you HEY maybe you should go to the castle.

        The game has no redeeming value whatsoever aside from a bunch of ELITE SKILLZ duchebags to finish it and say “haha i beat dark souls” Well done, did you enjoy the fact the fisrt bossfight was harder than the last one?

        1. Dark souls’ story is hidden in item descriptions and npc dialogue and lets you experience the game and in almost any order you want, i don’t see how you can say you can’t role play either, pick any type of character our play style from your favorite rpg and you can probably find it in dark souls, not being spoon fed a direct story does not mean there isnt one there, i find it more immersive that way anyway

          1. The story is hidden in item descriptions.

            Right same way devil may cry had randomg items that you put in random areas. No, just no.

            Npcs speak with “thy” and other crap without really saying anything. Just crap cryptix dialogue, no lore, nothing.

            Role playing is not playing as a knight or a rogue but to use your character skils to lockpick, sneak, pursuade and play as a good guy or a bad guy and make choices.

            There are NONE of these so no there is no roleplaying.

            “spoon fed”

            Really? So all those rpgs in 90s listing quests, or having a map or at the very least locking a GOLD door that needs a GOLD key, were spoon feding you?

            Please dark souls is horrible game design 101, not something i did not expect from japan.

            1. Normally I’m fine with letting people have opinions. I’ve had counter opinions on plenty of popular things. I wasn’t particularly fond of Dishonored or any other Bethesda game. But your complaints about Dark Souls make it look like you played for 10 minutes, got frustrated from dying, and gave up. You probably also can’t figure your way around a game without an arrow telling you exactly where to go, and you’d probably still get lost if it isn’t a corridor.

              As for level design – do you understand level design at all? Good level design isn’t an on-rails piece of shit. I’m not good at explaining, and visual is better, so watch this –

              Lockpicking, sneaking, and persuading are not the only things that construe roleplaying, you nitwit. Neither is being a good or bad guy, but Dark Souls actually does allow that. Not knowing that shows even more clearly that you didn’t play the game. You absolutely can play whatever role you want. If you want, you can play a bareknuckle boxer, Castlevania-style, ninja, samurai, paladin, etc. It is not limited to the class you choose. You play your own story and decide your story/background, which is by definition role playing.

              Dark Souls does not hold your hand, because the developers assumed that you are not 8 years old, which apparently you are due to your inability to navigate a semi-open world with pretty obvious direction. You’re forced to memorize the game world, which is pretty easy given how much you die. It’s been over a year since I’ve beaten it and I still know how to get everywhere.

              Dark Souls is very rewarding. Everything you do wrong is your fault and can’t be blamed on the game. Everything you do right is because you paid attention and learned the game mechanics. When you beat very hard bosses, it’s because you struggled and learned the fight. Not because you had enough health potions, or you found an overpowered weapon.

              Let me guess, you think FFXIII is better level design? It has awful level design. It’s a corridor. There’s no freedom.

              I don’t even know why I’m trying. You seem like a half-wit with no ability to understand games. I could go on, but you’re probably too dense to rethink your opinion.

            2. I pushed myself to finish that trash just so people wont make points like this.

              As i explained every game had a guidance system. Wherever its a log book, a objective. A map, or an arrow. In old rpgs npcs told you where you need to go. Doom had locked doors that needed colored keys. Devil may cry showed where you need to go and what to do at the begining of each mission.

              At the very least a game had a map.

              Dark souls had none of this. There is only a white light, yet there is not one but multiple white lights. I killed the butterfly before the taurus demon. I was just running around with no idea what to do revissting reas desperatly searching and also dying due to lack of balance. This is where you as a player thinks that perhaps you should got to that area yet, becuase its too hard for you, but apparently from the 2 black knights, you have to choose to fight that giant monster on top of the castle.

              For no reason, no explanation whatsoever. Its not about the game “guiding” you at that point, its about not even having a damn goal or a point to your adventure.

              So good level design is not on rails? Really? You dont say? Are open rpgs on rails? Nope. But dark souls level design is similar to RE4, without the invisible walls, its basicly trash, its bad level design no matter if its linear or not.

              Listen moron roleplaying = playing a role, CHOICES is roleplaying, gridning games like diablo or hack and slah like dark souls are NOT role playing.

              “playing as a samurai” is

              a)Something you have no choice of thanks to the way the loot is designed in dark souls

              b) A class that does not affect the game or the story.

              Just like i said playing as a rogue means you will use sneak and lockpicking.

              Dark souls however has such GARBAGE ai that they will atempt to fire arrows at you from miles way even when you are behind walls, there is no “sneaking” enemies are always alerted.

              So no there is no role playing in dark souls, you are undead, your gender or alligment do not matter and thats about it.

              You dont have a “backrgound” nor play your own story


              “Dark Souls does not hold your hand, because the developers assumed that you are not 8 years old,”

              The developers are trolls and you are a moronic duchebag.

              “If it was me ill get the pednant and nothing at all”

              Thats what the developers said, turns out the pednant does nothing at all.

              REALLIZE that dark souls is a TROLL game and there is no reward or quality put into it, its a game for mazohists.

              “Dark Souls is very rewarding. Everything you do wrong is your fault and can’t be blamed on the game”

              Dark sousl has 0% rewards and EVERYTHING it does is wrong and contradictory to game design. The mechanics are effectively broken, the target lock is so garbage that it locked on an enemy under the floor when another one was right infont me, its a piece of crap game.

              “I don’t even know why I’m trying. You seem like a half-wit with no
              ability to understand games. I could go on, but you’re probably too
              dense to rethink your opinion.”

              Been playing games sicne the 90s and i have studdied game design, so no i am not a moron, infact you are the moron who doesnt reallize just how stupid this piece of trash is and thinks its “hardcore” and not the TROLLING BULLCRAP that it really is.

              Kindly shove a cactus up your bum.

            3. Diablo II didn’t tell you where to go, and the map kept changing. Part of that game was discovery – you uncovered a map as you went. In Dark Souls, the map is in your head (or online if you really need help). I think a map would have ruined it. When I started, I went to the graveyard. After dying about 5 times, I realized “Huh, these guys are hard. Maybe I should look for another path.” So I went down underneath the Firelink Shrine. I went to New Londo. “Oh shit I can’t even damage them! Wrong way again.” Then I found my way up to the aquaduct – “Oh look I can kill these guys! Must be the right way!” Why on earth would you keep going when you saw the stone giants near the Moonlight Butterfly? That’s like playing WoW and deciding to go to Northrend when you’re level 20. It’s a stupid idea. I had no trouble figuring out where to go next, based on enemy difficulty. If it was too hard, I went elsewhere. I started the Catacombs, but had to stop since I didn’t have light. I didn’t just slog through it, that’s just a bad idea.

              The game is extremely balanced, but has a very steep curve. That being said, you can beat the game at level one. People do it all the time. It’s a skill based game – even if you have the best weapon in the game, you will die. Even if you one-shot enemies for a while, you won’t learn the mechanics and will die against enemies that don’t get one-shot.

              One of the best aspects of Dark Souls level design is the interconnectedness. It’s one world, with shortcuts everywhere. You have different things that all fit together – the tree you walk out of into the Great Hollow, for example, is the same tree in the Firelink Shrine. I’d challenge you to make a game that fits together better and still retains the openness of Dark Souls. I haven’t played RE4, so no comment there.

              So what you’re saying is that none of the Final Fantasy games were RPGs (no choices, no lockpicking, no stealth, no custom characters), yet Crysis 2 is an RPG because you can stealth past enemies, have a map, and can choose different tactical options? Guess we’d better alert the press and tell literally everyone except for you that they are wrong! This is huge news.

              There is a background, and you play your own story. Why do I say that? They don’t spoon-feed you a backstory. You can decide that you’re a sorceror from Vinheim who travelled to Lordran to study the undead menace, and during your studies you were killed and are now one of the undead. Now it is up to you to lift the curse. The story is not given to you; you are thrown into a world that has a story, and you are left to figure it out. There’s a lot of story to be had – every single NPC has a backstory. Also there is choice about whether you are the good guy or bad guy – however it’s not your actions that determine it. It’s your morals and understanding of the world. Take a look at Ornstein and Smough. Ornstein is a general and Smough is his friend. They participated in the war with the dragons, and are constantly fighting undead. Have you noticed that there are no undead in Anor Londo – except for you? Their goal is to prevent undead from coming into Anor Londo. You are trespassing, and then kill two people who turned the tide in the war against the dragons and saved Anor Londo from the undead. You asshole. Or you can see it from another side – they have gone hollow because they have lost hope in the world. They have no reason to live, but just keep killing intruders. So, they’ve become murderers. So you go bring justice to two murderers. Now you’re a good guy. The developers could have told you “these guys are bad guys, go kill them”, but that would remove your personal choice about who they are.

              The red dragon on the bridge is also guarding the sunlight altar and making sure no one defiles it. So you kill him. Are you right or wrong? He views you as a threat trying to invade his sanctum. If you make it inside without killing him, he gives up and flies away, because it has been defiled and no longer is sacred.

              Usually people who make their own class do it on New Game+, so they can start out with the correct equipment. It does not affect the world, is what you meant to say. It absolutely affects the story, because the story and character motives are there for you to decide. They are not handed to you on a silver platter.

              The AI isn’t the best I’ve seen, but it’s far from horrible. The locking mechanism is flawed, but I never had trouble with it. No idea how you had trouble with it.

              Yes, the developers are asssholes. They made an unforgiving game that doesn’t walk you through it. You can only get through it if you learn all of the mechanics. Once you learn the mechanics it’s actually not very difficult, because the bosses telegraph their attacks fairly obviously.

              The reward is up to you. If you choose not to get satisfaction from it, that’s your choice. I chose to get satisfaction and reward out of it because “FUCK YEAH TAKE THAT YOU DEMON ASSHOLE!”

              Okay, I’ve been playing games since the early 90s, have studied game design, and make games in my spare time. Dark Souls is trolly as fuck, but it’s a lot of fun once you take the stick out of your ass and decide to learn more about the world.

              A lot of games didn’t tell you where to go. It’s not necessarily needed either. A lot of games these days hold your hand all the way through the game, so it’s impossible to get lost. That is lazy level design.

              Side note, your grammar and spelling are horrible. Makes you look rather young or dumb.

            4. Diablo 2 was a randomized dungeon crawler.

              “The game is extremely balanced”

              “you can beat the game at level one.”

              Contradiction, how its balanced if you can beat it on level one?


              “It’s a skill based game”

              Nope there is no skill involved just trollish garbage controls.

              Nothing in the game “Fits together” its random Bull that have no connection whatsoever.

              final fantasy games are JRPGs, they all work with grinding to level up in a map and a story mode.

              They dont call them JRPGS just because they are from japan.

              “There is a background, and you play your own story”

              No and no, the backround is random bs and you dont play your own story.

              You are undead, you hunt down the darklord. There is the story. You cant “play your own story”

              “They don’t spoon-feed you a backstory.”

              They dont tell you ANYTHING. throw that “spponfed” Bull out of the argument. Dark souls has no backstory or characters, let alone a godamn freaking ending, so much sense of “rewarding” when the gmae ended and started from the beginging, no ending. All felt pointless.

              Ai is garbage, they will insit on throwing crap at you even when you are behind walls and sometines they will fall off from cliffs, worst ai in years. Just 1/0 programming.

              Compared to every game outhere the target lock is garbage. but apparently dark souls get a free pass on that along with its garbage camera, horrible controls, awful leveling up sysyem, subpar graphics and mediocre sound.

              The game has invisible floors that have broken terrain path design that causes the characte to slide and fall off to the chasm. Which results into dying and having to fight those godamn giants AGAIN in order to get back to that area. Horrible game design.

              The bosses are so big, infact their weapons as so big, that you cant dodge them, id really like to know how you dodged that kraken’s water attacks.

              So you admit the game is trolling you to hell with chests that turn into monsters, yet you demand that i somehow figure out the lore AS IF that will make this mediocre trollish crap more fun and justify its unsatysfing or more lack of an ending?

              Pretentious fanboy much?

              No game has been as cryptic as dark souls, there is 0% hints on where to go or wtf you even doing. No other game is like that, so dont throw argument about been 12 year old casual, that is BULLOCKS and i have been playing games since the 90s. Why did you pick up only on lockpicking? What about stealth? Or persuasion and dialogues or open world or better yet a magic casting system that freakign works.

              “Bioshock Infinite did lockpicking correctly.”

              EHHHHH nope, there is no lockipickign involved, just bring 10 lockpicks and the lock falls off, thas bullshit.

              Learn the diffirence between grammar and typos, better yet learn the diffirent between grammar and spelling.

            5. You can beat the game at level one if you’re extremely good. That’s how it’s balanced. Go play FFX or Ni No Kuni or something like that and you will see why they aren’t balanced – you can level up to the point where you don’t need to think about the game any more. Just summon Anima and she does 99,999 damage to all enemies. How is that balanced? In Dark Souls, it is impossible to “out level” the game because leveling has limited affect on how powerful you are. The real progression is learning the moves of all the enemies. It’s absolutely not a contradiction, because you are getting better, when your character doesn’t have to.

              Go play Demon’s Souls and kill the Flamelurker as a melee-only character (good luck), then come back and tell me there is no skill. If there was no skill, you wouldn’t die. Alternatively, try killing Smough before Ornstein. Also try every fight without any summons.

              As I said, there is a world. If you choose to not create a story for your character, you won’t have a story. Think about a cardboard box. Just a box, right? To a 3 year old, it could be a car or a spaceship. Think like Calvin and Hobbes, where he keeps flying to other worlds. There are hints about the story, and you can understand it if you pay attention, but since I’m pretty sure you just played it to play it rather than to be immersed, you probably didn’t look for the story or pay attention to background details.

              How exactly is it random? You can see environments from other areas, such as the swamps from Firelink Shrine. Everything is connected. If you think it’s so easy to make a game world like that, please go ahead and make a world that size with that many unique areas and shortcuts. I guarantee that you are not capable of doing it. What’s your idea of good level design, anyway? Call of Duty?

              JRPG is a sub-genre of RPG. They typically do not have the things you called out, yet they are still a type of RPG. Nothing you say can change that. Dark Souls is JRPG as well, just with Western combat mechanics.

              If that’s all the story you decide to see, that’s your choice. I saw a lot more story than that.

              Did you play on PC? Console graphics were great, and the controls worked very well. Camera was great. Lock on sometimes messed up a bit, but it just made me more cautious. It didn’t make me hate the game.

              The leveling system isn’t awful, it’s pretty nuanced but unclear. That’s a flaw they’re working to correct in the sequel. It’s hard to figure out what you should put your talents in. I screwed up my build pretty badly. I still got through it though and had a great time.

              Only one location has invisible floors, and that’s by Seathe the Scaleless. It’s still pretty obvious where to go though because it has sparkles on the invisible floor.

              When I fell off ledges, I took that as a learning experience. I wasn’t paying attention to the environment. The environment is unforgiving. I would have been pretty pissed if they had added invisible walls to prevent you from falling.

              You weren’t supposed to fight those giants until later. Seriously, how did you not realize that? Literally everyone else who played the game realized that they were difficult and didn’t fight them until later.

              You can’t dodge the HYDRA’s water attack if you’re too close. You have to get nice and close so he attacks you with his head, then attack him. He wasn’t that difficult, only took five or so tries. You can get through the whole game without being hit a single time though. Everything is telegraphed and can be dodged. The Dragon God in Demon’s Souls punches you with enough damage that you nearly always die in one hit unless you pumped up your vitality and have high defense gear. You use the environment to prevent him from seeing you. It’s not difficult to see what an enemy is about to do and then dodge their attack.

              There was an ending, it’s left to you though. Everything about this game is about you. Seriously, it’s like they slam you in the face with “this is your story, not an on-rails interactive movie”. How did you miss that? You can make up a story for what happens afterwards.

              It’s one of the best games I’ve played, and one of my favorites. It is not for everyone. I’ve seen plenty of people give up due to the difficulty. The reason I responded isn’t because of your opinion, and I’m not going to try to make you enjoy it. The problem is that there absolutely is a story, and you are saying there isn’t. You also had problems that most of the players didn’t have. I haven’t demanded anything other than for you to quit being a self-entitled asshole who wants everything handed to you on a silver platter.

              I picked on lock picking because it’s a stupid mechanic that isn’t needed. It just wastes time. Stealth is fine and can add good mechanics. See Deus Ex Human Revolution for a good example.

              The reason BI’s lock picking works is because Elizabeth knows how to pick locks whereas Booker doesn’t. It would be silly to have a mini game. Sure, they could’ve shoved it in and been like “he knows how!” but it would just be stupid. Lock picking is not necessary. Ever. It should go away.

              Persuasion and dialogue works in plenty of games, just not Dark Souls. Think about the characters in Dark Souls. Nearly all of them have gone hollow, meaning that they have lost hope. The game has a constant theme of despair and loneliness.

              Dark Souls is a semi-open world. It’s a hell of a lot better than a fully open world because it allows for a lot more detail within the environment. There’s an absurd amount of detail. The environments really tell you what happened to the world and how it was before the age of darkness.

              The AI is simplistic, but not bad. The bosses have good AI though – much better than the regular monsters. Since apparently I need to explain the concept again… a major theme is learning the move sets of the enemies. If they attacked randomly, how could you learn the fight? They have specific patterns, which you learn and follow. The only boss that has derpy AI is the Ceaseless Discharge.

              Sound design was excellent. If it had music I would not have bought it. Music is a comfort, and it would have detracted from the world’s themes of despair. It really drives up the tension. Think about horror movies – you know when it gets quiet, shit’s about to hit the fan. The lack of music in DaS makes for a very tense environment with no comfort.

              Dark Souls was not perfect. It has issues. But overall it’s still a very good, well-designed game. I’d like to see a single game that has no glitches/bugs at all. Some games may be less obvious – maybe graphical glitches, textures that fail to load, etc. With Dark Souls it’s more obvious because the bugs are in the controls, and the controls are the most important part of Dark Souls. With a lot of other games the controls aren’t as important.

              And yes, the magic is overpowered – but only against bosses. You have limited resources, and the only way to get spells back is at a bonfire. That respawns all the enemies, so magic is not the best choice against standard enemies. That’s why I play melee in Dark Souls. It feels like it fits better in the world, and provides more of a challenge.

              I do know the difference between grammar and spelling, obviously better than you. Your spelling is horrendous, you don’t know the difference between a kraken and a hydra, and your grammar is terrible. I’m not even an English major and I can see how bad your English is. You didn’t even spell bollocks right! And if you say “not worth your time”, well I spent literally no time looking over my own spelling or grammar and don’t have any spelling mistakes. I don’t even use autocorrect, which would serve to help you.

            6. Translation when the game puts you in a lava world with giant t rex that can step over you, no matter how much you level up, it wont change crap because the game is design to step over you by default.

              The story is insanelly undeveloped, no ending no info, just little bits of lore here and there.

              i dont understand why the freakign hell you think the world is “Big” it ISNT and the “shortucts” dont make sense, nor does the enviroment make any freaking sense. At one point you got a castle, at another you got a swamp and at another you got snow and lava, they showed up diffirent locations which seem to have nothind to do with each other. Same goes for the monster types.

              Dark souls is delusional Wrpg rom japan, just like septera core is jrpg NOT from japan.

              No jrpg has WRPG specifics, its a diffirent type of rpg that doesnt relly on roleplaying but grinding levels and story.

              Yes i played on pc with locked 1280x720p resolution the graphics were not “great” The lighting was awful just bloom on the character so when your character moves in dark corridors the area around him lights up, the shaders and geometry are from 2006. It is an old looking game hiding behind blur effects. The camera and controls are awful, clunky attacking controls, garbage analaog stick move combot that is required to defeat the first boss, awful camera. How the freakign hell its “great” Kingdoms of amalaur has “great” control and camera not this and yes its is a dumbed down easy as hell game, but the controls are fucntional and so is the camera and target lock system. The target lock in dark souls is garbage and the camera is too close, not giving you what you need to dodge huge monsters in tight spots, so the camera is pushed into walls and you dodge move is too slow and tankish.

              The leveling system is awful, you need to grind for souls becasue theyre require hundrends to thousands of souls, if you die you lose em and the upgrade requirements keep rising even on skills that you NEVER upgraded. Worst upgrade system ever.

              i guess that drak cave should count as inviisble walls and sadly no, its not “obvious” where you need to go because the sparkles are incosistent, i spend 20 minutes testing this. Still the terain in that are is uneven causing your charcter to slide off ledges. Seriously from software wtf just wtf?

              When a game has giants infront of where you need to go OR where you THINK you need to go, because like i said this game is telling you NOTHING and you cant sneak past them, yet you have to run to avoid them and thus run out of stamina, not allowing you to jump over at INVISIBLE platforms in order to avoid them…..wait a freaking minute, this game is pule bull, why am i even arguing this? Can you not see how frreaking insanse that section is?

              Am not gonna argue with you, a water creature with multiple heads is a kreaken, bullocks is splled bullocsk and the sound and ai in dark souls are mediocre at best.

            7. Oh, that’s why. The pc port was pretty terrible. There are mods that attempt to fix it, including ones to increase the resolution and improve textures and text. Also if you played it with a mouse, it’s a very sub-par experience. With mods and a controller, it’s a fantastic game. Of course, it still uses the same engine from Demon’s Souls, which was from 2009, so there are better looking games. The visual design was where it excelled.

              For different environments – would you rather have it just be one type of environment over and over? It all made sense to me. It was all cohesive and beautiful. I love how much variety they were able to show while keeping a cohesive theme.

              I realized it was a semi-open world with multiple paths. When I couldn’t go one path, I went another path until I got better. Think about circuit design. Let’s say you have a circuit loop (rectangle) which has a resistor bridging the top and bottom. The resistor is technically the shorter path and the one you come to first, would you go down it? Electricity takes the path of least resistance. Not the most resistance. In Dark Souls, you take the path of least resistance. Doing otherwise is either incredibly stupid or incredibly brave.

              I’d recommend reading this – – if you want a TL;DR, it basically says that Dark Souls is a “Metroidvania” style game (and the best one in a while). It has RPG elements though.

              Actually, a hydra has multiple heads. Krakens don’t. A kraken is similar to an octopus. Check Google images if you want to confirm – or just look at these – the main difference is that krakens have multiple tentacles (great for crushing ships), and hydras have multiple heads. According to legends, they grow back as more, doubling every time. That would be a lame game mechanic so they didn’t do that.

              And bullocks vs bollocks – – basically bullocks is what Americans use when they don’t know how to spell.

            8. “PWNED”

              “The developers are trolls and you are a moronic duchebag”

              “REALLIZE that dark souls is a TROLL game and there is no reward or quality put into it, its a game for mazohists.”

              “Been playing games sicne the 90s and i have studdied game design, so no i am not a moron, infact you are the moron who doesnt reallize just how stupid this piece of trash is and thinks its “hardcore” and not the TROLLING BULLCRAP that it really is.

              Kindly shove a cactus up your bum.”

              Yep, I’m already taking you seriously.

              I would argue against you, but you are seriously not worth my time.

            9. Yet you mentioned thos EXCELLENT points and bothered typing this message.

              Thanks, you proven that you are BUTTHURT and had to reply instead of simply thumbing me down.

              HOORAY proof that you gow pwned and you dont know what you do.

              Now you will reply because APPARENTLY NOW just NOW i worth your time you pretentious twat.

              Please stop filling my inbox.

    2. No FF15? Are you kidding me ?

    3. Witcher 3 is my most wanted out of this list, with Lords of the Fallen in second and DA: Inquisition dead last. They’re all interesting, but Witcher 3 has all my attention at the moment. and they’re ALL coming in 2014 right, so that’ll make my purchase harder?

    4. Hi Guys. First, I’m really happy to see that LORDS of the FALLEN stands out in OnlySP’s eyes – thanks!

      As for Dark Souls, I think all of you might be right. I mean, as for me this game is an Action-RPG. And it means that it’s not crafting the main character’s storyline and exploring the world’s lore that’s exposed in this kind of game. It’s rather crafting your (as a player) skills and tactical abilities. It appears to be the core of the game for me.

      And apparently, with this mindset, Dark Souls does the job well.

      “Don’t get yourself killed”. ;)

      1. Hi Tomasz,

        Thanks for the comment! We’d love to have a chance to interview you about Lords of the Fallen to learn more about the game, hit us up by visiting our contact page if you’d be willing to share some details!

    5. The thing with the Witcher, for me, is that i love the world, the characters, and the pure love that is put into the games, but i have no love for Geralt. I mean, i’ll buy it, sure, but if you gave me a witcher game where i could make my own character, then i’d get friction burns on my wallet from throwing money at you so fast. Also, play Dark Souls please, OP. You are really missing out.

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