Top 5 Single Player Games we are looking forward to at E3
Top 5 Single Player Games we are looking forward to at E3

November is notoriously a big month for video games, with the onslaught of October’s titles just behind us and Christmas just round the corner. The amount of games released during this month is usually much lighter, but there’s always a few heavyweights released for us Single Gamers to seek our teeth in to and this year is certainly no exception.

Here’s three to look forward to as well as an indie Kickstarter you may not know about, but will want to:

Fallout 4

(Release: November 10 for PS4, Xbox One and PC)

The seven years since Fallout 3 was released has seemed like an eternity. Fallout: New Vegas filled the gap very, very nicely but now with the original team behind the third flagship title back in control, Fallout 4 looks set to be one of the biggest releases in years.

After only officially announcing the game this Summer, Bethesda Game Studios have used little in the way of motivation for fans to pick the series up again, probably because they know the tidal wave of support it will receive in any case. Relatively few details have been released for such a massive title, but we are aware of the inclusion of crafting in the game for buildings and weapons alike. We are also promised a much more refined shooter compared to Fallout 3, and a post-apocalyptic Boston world that could apparently keep us busy for at least 400 hours. I for one can’t hide my excitement for the game, and I hope the final product lives up to the enormous expectations.


Rise of the Tomb Raider

(Release: November 10 for Xbox One)

Microsoft have nabbed the (timed) exclusive rights to Lara Croft’s latest adventure, and what a coup that could turn out to be. A huge fixture in their ‘Greatest Games Lineup in Xbox history’, the only problem that ROTTR could face is that it releases on the same day (in North America) as Fallout 4.

Set after the original Tomb Raider reboot, the now battle-hardened Lara travels to Syberia to attempt to unravel the mystical secrets that unfolded at the end of the first game. Lara is now better equipped to take down, or slink past enemies as well as defend against the beasts that lurk in the wilderness. If the cover art and gameplay snippets are anything to go by then this outing will be a much snowier, mountainous affair than the jungle-like environments of the previous instalment. We are also promised a lot more tombs to raid as well, which sounds obvious considering the title but was inexplicably void in the 2013 game.


Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon

(Release: November 20 on Nintendo 3DS)

Released in September in Japan, this Nintendo 3DS adventure comes to North America this month (and the rest of the world early 2016) and will feature 720 Pokémon, 20 of which are playable. The seventh international entry in the Mystery Dungeon series, the storyline follows a similar path to the previous in which the player is transformed (from a human) into a Pokémon and dropped into a World consisting of solely other Pokémon. Some Pokémon have been turned to stone and it’s up to you and your in-game AI partner to find out what’s going on.

As you would expect the concept has a very ‘cute’ feel but as always the gameplay should be fun and engaging. The Mystery Dungeon series is more of a dungeon crawler as the name suggests compared to the flagship Pokémon titles. The ‘Progress Device’ now enables the player to save in the middle of a dungeon, with new power-ups and special moves available to the player as well as a redefined job system. This second outing on the 3DS for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon looks to capture the hearts of veteran fans and new admirers alike.

pokemon super mystery dungeon

Honourable mention: Hard West

(Release: November 18 on PC)

A Kickstarter-funded project from the developers CreativeForge Games, Hard West is a “weird west tactical with world map exploration, a hint of adventure and a drop of RPG” according to the creators themselves. The best way to describe it seems to be: XCOM in the Wild West!

A turn-based tactical game with an isometric perspective, Hard West includes a horror element as well to create a more mystical Western atmosphere. Combat is short and sweet, with little room for random occurrences; your decisions decide your fate, so risk it all or die with regret. Outside of combat the game includes world exploration with many stories and secrets to discover. The game is unforgiving in so much as you either kill or be killed, there is no in between.

For more information about Hard West, visit

hard west

This is what will be keeping us busy this month, how about you? Let us know below and keep those eyes on OnlySP’s Twitter and Facebook accounts for all the Single Player gaming news and features you will need. Happy gaming!

Rhys Cooper

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  1. First you don’t need to tell anyone about Fallout 4, I think we all know a little about that.
    Tomb Raider and Pokemon are paid for exclusives, they are not “Games”, they are “Restricted Platform Games”, whether it’s time limited or not.
    I use a PC, so to me and anyone else without the restricted platform, they are not games. They do not exist

    The situation is different for Hard West, no one is paying to keep the game PC only, it’s not restricted to PC.
    Versions for other platforms can be made, no ones paying for that development yet, the PC release can bring in funds to make it so.

    So of all these, the only one that can simply be called a Game, is Fallout 4, we already know it’s coming.
    Rise of the Tomb Raider is a XB1 Resticted game.
    Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon is a 3DS Resticted game. Also a Hand Held Game, A totally separate Market more related to the mobile market,
    Hard West is a potential game, but is currently only a PC Game.

    Though most media sites seem to assume, all gamers have every platform, there is available to own.
    The reality is most gamers have only a single platorm.
    The vast majority can only afford a single platform and will never have more than that.
    Then there’s the rarities like myself, who refuse to buy any console, because they restrict games, to try to force a purchase.
    Indeed I switched to PC, from having only a PS2, due to the explosion in exclusives last gen.

    I will never pay a ransom demand to play any game, release it on all platforms or none, if you’re a major publisher.
    Indies and smaller publishers, that release on a single platform, due to lack of funds, I accept as the only reason for releasing on only one platform, this will likely be the PC, as that is the cheapest. It could be any platform otherwise.

    Only multi-platform titles should be called simply “Games”, others should have their limitation clearly indicated.
    For the category “Games” to make any sense, all the Main platforms must be playable
    PC owners can play 1(2) out of 3(4) (Hard West isn’t included, in the pages title)
    XB1 owners can play 1 out of 3
    PS4 and WiiU owners can play nothing at all.

    Only one multi-platform game, means only one game, the others need their limitations exposed at all times.

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