November is upon us, which means that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One should be in the hands of millions of gamers around the globe within only a few short weeks. As such, this month is dominated by the launch titles of those new consoles. Strangely, only a very few of them make a strong case for the single players out there, but let us see what we can dig up. Without any further ado, the three games releasing in November that should most appeal to the single players.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
Platform(s): Nintendo 3DS
Release Date: November 22

A Link Between Worlds is the first Legend of Zelda game designed bespoke for the capabilities of the 3DS hardware, even though it does follow a remake of Ocarina of Time. It is a follow-up effort to the 1991 SNES classic A Link to the Past, taking place six generations on from the adventures partaken of in that title. In many ways, it does harken back to that original game, with the version of Hyrule almost identical and the return of the Dark World, though it is a new Link character that the player takes control of.

The game adopts a top-down 2D world presented on the top screen of the 3DS, while the lower screen gives players easy access to the map, gear and items that Link carries. In many ways, it is an adventure not dissimilar to its myriad predecessors, but it does bring with it some interesting innovations, including the ability to turn Link into a drawing and move along walls to access new areas, as well as move between the Light and Dark World via cracks. It also features the return of the ability for players to tackle dungeons in just about any order they desire and a greater importance for the game’s currency as you will need to buy and rent items regularly.

The release of a new Legend of Zelda is always an exciting time for series fans, and this latest is certainly shaping up to be as grand as any of its forebears. hyrule_lorule_thumb

Dead Rising 3
Platform(s): Xbox One
Release date: November 22

The third iteration of the Dead Rising series sees its reinstatement to Xbox exclusivity, with the title acting as one of the flagships of the launch of Microsoft’s newest console. Although Dead Rising 3 appears more serious and grounded than its predecessors with a much more realistic art style, the irreverent comedy hasn’t been jettisoned and there is promise of considerable hilarity. The narrative is far removed from earlier games, though, taking place ten years on from the end of Dead Rising 2 in a new locale – Los Perdidos, California – and with a new lead character: Nick Ramos, a mechanic who must find his way out of the city before a military strike wipes it off the map.

One of the focal points of development appears to have been an expansion of scope and scale. The open world of Los Perdidos is said to be larger than those found in the earlier games put together, while the crafting options have reportedly been expanded as well. Perhaps most interesting is that players now have the ability to combine certain vehicles with which to wreak havoc, and vehicles will play a large role in exploration of the city. However, the game also appears to be easing up on players somewhat, with the time limit, restricted saving and workbenches all removed, though there is a ‘Nightmare Mode’ that restores them. Incorporating Kinect and SmartGlass functionality, this is one game that could justify the value of these ancillary options, though they don’t appear necessary to fully enjoy it. Among the Xbox One’s launch line-up, this looks the best bet for single player enjoyment. deadrising3_2013-06-01_19-18-45-41

Ratchet and Clank: Into The Nexus
Platform(s): PlayStation 3
Release date: November 12

The dynamic duo returns. Into The Nexus is positioned as an epilogue to the Future arc of the Ratchet and Clank series, as well as one of the swan songs of the PS3 hardware. Ratchet and Clank are caught up in their latest adventure when a notorious pair of criminals that they are escorting to prison escape, leaving the duo stranded on an abandoned planet. Things quickly ramp up and they are forced to face down a new intergalactic threat. The series’ patented comedy returns in full force, along with its boundless inventiveness.

Unlike the previous two titles, Into The Nexus is a traditional Ratchet and Clank game, incorporating platforming and action elements in equal measure. A raft of new weapons and gadgets are introduced to give you new ways of taking out enemies, including several that riff off the core theme of gravity. It also puts you in the shoes of Clank for a series of levels that are designed exclusively for him, as has long been the case in this series.

It may be shorter in length, but it doesn’t appear to be shortchanged in any way. Into The Nexus is shaping up to be a quintessential Ratchet and Clank adventure that absolutely deserves the attention of series fans. Ratchet-Clank-Nexus-07-10-2013-10

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