Surprisingly enough the upcoming Summer season is pretty jam packed with games like Max Payne 3, Starhawk and others to come. But before May, April has some great games to offer and for those of you who like to focus on your single player gaming; we’ve got three games that should catch your attention.

Devil May Cry HD Collection – April 3rd / $39.99

Not a big fan of the direction Ninja Theory is taking the new DMC? Well that’s okay because for now you can play the originals in HD. You get the three original games with the “original” Dante as well, not Gothic/emo Dante many fans have been raging about. As a single player gamer this trifecta pack should definitely give you your money’s worth in terms of content. If you haven’t played these games yet on the PS2, then this is the perfect chance for you to get caught up with the series before the reboot comes along later this year.


The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings: Enhanced Edition – April 17 / $59.99

That’s quite a long title for a game no? Anyway, as a console gamer I felt like I was missing out on one of the best games of last year . . . Well, essentially I did, but that’s okay now as The Witcher 2 is coming to the Xbox 360 on April 17th. Offering hours of new content and according to that recent Elements trailer there will be no quality difference between the PC version of the game and the Xbox 360 version. PC players will also be happy to know that the enhanced edition content will be a free update on the day of release. Check out the latest trailer below to see what’s coming your way.


Prototype 2 – April 24 / $59.99

Ah, where to start with Protoype. The first game wasn’t exactly the most amazing production around, but it was a fun game none the less. I’m just glad the release date isn’t so close to Infamous 2’s so we didn’t have to listen to all those comparison wars. Anyway, it seems Radical Entertainment may have the right idea this time around as the story doesn’t sound like a jumbled mess, the trailers have shown off an interesting character and the combat looks even crazier and gorier than ever. Should we be expecting a five star game? Not exactly, but it should definitely give single player action fans a game that will keep them occupied over the next few months.

Keep an eye out for previews of The Witcher 2 and Prototype 2 in the next few days. Our previews here at Only SP will have a stronger focus on story and other single player elements other sites don’t put a heavy focus on so make sure you check them out when Damien posts em up.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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