April: Easter time, and also Easter Egg Hunts. Unfortunately, this year, April isn’t the month of  new releases in terms of video games, but we still managed to pick out a Top 3 from the few new releases this month. So perhaps sometime while you’re not busy before, during, or after the Pacquiao-Bradley 2 boxing match, please take some time to read about the Top 3 games (as determined by the OnlySP staff) set to release this month of Easter, as well as this video:



Developer: Zombie Studios

Publisher: Atlus

Platform(s): PC, Playstation 4

Release Date: April 8th

The sole horror game in our Top 3 this month, Daylight, is a first-person survival horror game developed by Zombie Studios. You — or rather, the character — wake up to find yourself in a dilapidated and derelict hospital and must explore the compound to — hopefully — find a way out, all while learning about the dark and colorful history and former inhabitants of the hospital. The game’s official website recommends playing the game alone, in the dark and multiple times in order to enjoy the unique experience that is each playthrough.

Why unique? Because the game randomly generates the environment and encounters/interactions during each playthrough so that literally no two playthroughs are identical. You’ll be armed with only your cell phone and glow sticks for navigation and illumination against your fear and, oh, did I mention the spirits and who-knows-what-else you’ll encounter? No, I don’t think I did, but you’ll just have to find out the full story for yourself when Daylight hits store shelves and download queues on April 8.

You can be sure that OnlySP will have a review of Daylight in the weeks following release. Until then, get ready to scream and face fear by reading up on how Daylight was pitched at DICE 2013 and some info on two in-game levels.


Developer: Phosfiend Systems

Publisher: Phosfiend Systems

Platform(s): PC, Mac

Release Date: April 2014 (No official date yet)


Not many games give the player the freedom to make the in-game soundtrack however they want and FRACT OSC is one of them. The goal in this open-world game is to explore and rebuild a world that used to be powered by and based off of sound. Players can manipulate sound in multiple ways — such as pitch — using various interfaces, such as control platforms where the player must shift sound-making cubes and figure out their correct orientation before further altering the music they can make.

No analysis of FRACT can be undertaken without considering its uncanny resemblance to and inspiration from Disney’s Tron franchise. Indeed, FRACT bears a very similar art and lighting style to Tron with both taking on elements of nitty-gritty punk. In short, FRACT, like the multitude of other Indie games taking the industry by storm, is taking leaps and bounds from the beaten paths of game development, and you can be sure that OnlySP will have a review of FRACT OSC in the near future. While you wait for the official release of the official release date of this Indie jewel, please read our exclusive interview with a FRACT dev team member.

Child of Light

Developer: Ubisoft (Montreal Studio)

Publisher: Ubisoft

Platform(s): PC, Playstation 3 and 4, Xbox 360 and One, Wii U

Release Date: April 30th


Cute and artsy doesn’t have to translate into a boring game. On the contrary, Child of Light blows that notion out of the water. A turn-based RPG utilizing the familiar Active Time Battle system, Child of Light is, as the official website states, a playable poem based on fairy tales and centers on the epic quest of Aurora — the daughter of a duke and duchess from 1859 Austria — after being transported to Lemuria, a world where she is considered the Child of Light and given the power of flight on her quest to defeat the Queen of the Night and to retrieve the sun, the moon and the stars.

The Feature Trailer (see link below) reveals beautifully rendered 2D environments and the cartoonish, but nonetheless fun-looking, flight system. What enemies, creatures and monsters await Aurora? You’ll just have to find out when Child of Light releases on April 30.

For more information, please read about how Child of Light was announced at GDC Europe and watch the game’s feature trailer in which the release date was formally announced.

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