From the usual annual sports game releases to some brand new games making their debut, September is a big month for games. Here’s some interesting games you should keep an eye out for this month.




Release: September 4th (Steam)  

Horror games are pretty popular these days but Outlast looks set to scare the living daylights out of everybody this September. The game was created by Red Barrels, a ten-person studio from Canada and aims to terrify players as they explore the atmospheric Mount Massive Asylum with their trusty video camera and quick wits. The player has no weapons so hiding from the horrors within the Asylum is a must to survive. You can download Outlast for $19.99 on Steam if you dare, this September 4th.




Release: September 10th (PS3)

Moving away from claustrophobic horror games, Puppeteer is a light platforming game about a boy traversing through a theatrical world that looks like a tougher Little Big Planet. The main character travels with a pair of magic scissors that interacts with the world as well as the ability to change heads to allow for different powers. The game is reminiscent of old-school tough games but with a delightful appearance that takes place entirely upon a stage. Puppeteer is a PS3 exclusive that looks set to delight.

Grand Theft Auto V


Release date: September 17th (Xbox 360/PS3)

Grand Theft Auto V is set to be one of the most promising game of this console’s generation and has been hyped up as “the last iconic current gen game” before the release of the PS4 and Xbox One. Whatever your opinion is on the game, you cannot deny the hype behind it with over 2 million preorders in the USA for both consoles. Grand Theft Auto V breaks away from the traditional set up and has 3 main characters as well as a focus on interesting storytelling, recreational activities and planning outrageous heists.

That’s not all. Every copy of Grand Theft Auto V comes with a copy of Grand Theft Auto Online that will be available to play by October so as to not draw attention away from the story of Grand Theft Auto V. Rockstar has stated that they are treating Grand Theft Auto Online as its own type of game, separate from V. So, essentially, you are getting two Grand Theft Auto games for the price of one. Grand Theft Auto V is one of the juggernaut game releases this year and comes out on September 17th.

Honourable Mentions: FIFA 14, Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs, and Rayman Legends

Those are some of the interesting major titles coming up this September so be sure to pick up one! Check back in over the month as we discuss these games but if you really want to chat about these titles, feel free to do so in our forums.


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