As the Sun begins to set earlier and earlier with each passing day, it’s time for us gamers to retreat back indoors (providing you were brave enough to go outside at all) and begin playing some awesome games until the early hours of the morning. August will be the first month to give us some of the truly brilliant games that are released toward the end of the year. So abandon your work, retreat to the comfort of your gamer chair and pick up a controller because we’ve got some big hitters coming up.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist

Release: 20th Aug (North America), 22nd Aug (Australia), 23rd Aug (Europe)

First, we have legendary Sam Fisher coming back into the fray with his latest adventure Splinter Cell Blacklist. An action adventure game that sees you fighting off a new group of terrorists, this time called The Engineers. The Engineers have a countdown of increasingly violent attacks on the US called “The Blacklist”. It’s up to Sam and the new special operations and counter terrorism team, Fourth Echelon, to stop them before they reach 0. Armed with his usual state of the art technology, deadly spy gadgets and some familiar allies (i.e. Grim) Fisher has to remove the terrorist threat on America.

Saints Row IV

 Release: 20th Aug (North America), 23rd Aug (Europe)

Next up is the always crazy, ridiculous and better yet hilarious Saints Row game, Saints Row IV. Another action adventure title but this time with a story so crazy you wouldn’t believe. You play the US President and must save Earth from an alien invasion lead by Zinyak. You may use a personal arsenal of ball-bustingly funny firearms, or if you want to play the hero, your own superpowers. Saints Row 4 takes place partly in a virtual version of Steelport, hence the available superpowers, the familiar faces and the fact there are now 2 versions of Shaundi. Saints Row seems to have improved upon the crazy style that was The Third and what’s more is that Johnny Gat is back, baby!

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

 20th Aug (North America), 23rd Aug (PAL)

XCOM is back with third-person tactical shooter The Bureau. This action game from 2K is set in 1962 when the Cold War has America terrified. The titular Bureau is a secret governmental squad that is investigating some strange and mysterious incidents that couldn’t possibly have come from the USSR. XCOM will also be exploring some of the cultural issues of the 60s including homosexuality and political views of one of the characters. You take up the mantle of Agent Carter and you have to lead your team through this now escalating war against an unknown power.

Those are the major titles coming up this August so get your hands on at least one. Be sure to check back in as we’ll be talking more about these big titles in the upcoming month and feel free to geek out about these titles in our forums.

Fred Garret-Jones
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  1. That’s not Sam Fisher.

    1. Unfortunately, the voice of Sam Fisher wasn’t hired for the job because Ubisoft said that the mo-cap actor also had to provide the voice. I’m gonna miss Ironside’s grizzly voice.

      1. Me too. His voice helped define the character.

  2. Fortunate and unfortunate that all three of these games are coming on the SAME DAY!!

    1. Yea, especially for those of us who have to review them lol. ;) Actually will be quite the bit of work haha.

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