Thief of Thieves

Although best known for The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman is also the creative mind behind the crime thriller comic Thief of Thieves, which is becoming a video game later this month.

Thief of Thieves: Season One, developed by Finnish studio Rival Games, is a prequel to the comic, focusing on the usual protagonist’s protégé, Celia. Aside from the premise that the game takes place in a different time frame than the source material, few details about the story are known at present.

As the title indicates, the game will be an episodic release, but, rather than the usual model of monthly or even less frequent intervals, the four episodes will be released across three subsequent weeks, with the first two episodes launching on July 16.

In the source material, release model, and visual style, the game seems to draw much from Telltale Games’s The Walking Dead saga. However, Thief of Thieves: Season One will incorporate a host of more traditional gameplay mechanics, including stealth and minigames.

More details about the thinking behind the game are available in the mini-interview OnlySP conducted with Rival Games’s CEO Jukka Laakso last year.

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