Carbon Studio (Alice VR) has announced the Early Access release of its new first-person virtual reality adventure and spellcasting title, The Wizards.

Arriving on the Steam and Oculus stores on July 28, 2017, The Wizards has a sale price of USD$19.99, and will stay in Early Access for no longer than five to six months.

In The Wizards, players take on the identity of a sorcerer  adventuring through time to protect the Realm of Men from enemy forces seeking its destruction. Visiting different lands and facing deadly opponents, gamers weave magical spells with their hands using HTC Vive and Oculus Rift motion controllers. Increasingly powerful magic requires practice and skill to master, promising an immersive, rewarding experience.

Early Access features include a story mode with two regions divided into stages and many additional locations, six basic spells with upgrades for each, and an online leaderboard allowing players to compete for high scores. Seeking to increase replayability and accessibility, The Wizards introduces Fate Cards, modifiers that can change game difficulty and rules according to a player’s desire. Several feature updates for Early Access are already in the works, including new regions, story chapters, new powerful spell upgrades, Fate Cards, an arcade mode, and more.

The idea behind The Wizards came to life during the VR Funhouse Game Jam, organized by Epic Games and NVIDIA. During this event, a team from Carbon Studio created a prototype spellcasting game using motion controllers with the goal to defend a land from oncoming hordes of enemies. Built in Unreal Engine 4, The Wizards is the second VR game by Gliwice, Poland-based Carbon Studio. The first, Alice VR, premiered in October 2016 on Steam and GOG.com.

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